Fair Punishement For Paris

"I just want to say that this judge who gave her this 45 days sentence is known for this exact, exact, circumstances giving to 5 to 10 days sentence maximum. So obviously she's been singled out. And it's unfair. You can say whatever you want to say. She does not deserve this. The punishment does not fit the crime. Period." - Kathy Richards, Paris Hilton's aunt

"[...] none of the mainstream print or broadcast journalists commenting on the case pointed out that the American criminal justice system does not make examples of people." - Tim Rutten, a journalist

"It was clear that she's been selectively targeted in my opinion to be prosecuted because of who she is." - Howard Weitzman, Paris Hilton's attorney

"The sentence doesn’t match the crime" - Nicky Hilton, Paris Hilton's sister

"[The judge] made up his mind before he even came in today. If it were anyone else, this would've never had happened." - Kathy Hilton, Paris Hilton's mother

Now, fans also recognize the injustice!

Free Paris Free Paris Free Paris

Speaking out against the hate compaign launched by hate groups such as The Exies

Shame on the discriminating judicial system in America!

Paris HiltonDo not allow evil authorities trick you into believe that the judicial system in America is working just fine. It is not OK to use famous celebrities in order to set an example for others. 80% of the people don't care if Paris Hilton got a fair punishment or not because all they care about is to see her go to jail. All of this is motivated by powerful and irrational hatred. Imagine if you were Paris, and you faced this sort of discrimination.

Paris Hilton was not crying because she's going to jail. She accepts her consequences. The main reason why she was crying is because evil men are using her and are purposely imposing on her the harshest punishment for her crime. The grinning media won't mention this, nor the haters.

Tyrant Michael T Sauer and Rocky DelgadilloThe grinning media are always ready to portray Paris Hilton's fans as brain-dead idiots who idolize Paris Hilton for only being so glamorous, but this is only an insult and a false fact to the intelligent and perceptive fans. On a side note, many of us have good reasons to be fans of Paris.

Contrary to what the media teaches you, We don't even believe that Paris should be allowed to escape from her consequences and responsibilities. Some of us aren't even screaming "Free Paris!" All we're asking is for a fail punishment. And we certainly don't believe 45 days in jail is a just punishment. No one in his or her right mind believes in that, not even the tyrants you're looking at.

Yes, they all say everyone has to be treated fairly, and no one is above the law. Or that just because you're a celebrity, you can't get away with it. But has anyone asked this question: Has Paris Hilton been treated fairly?

Paris Hilton Issued An Important Statement

"After reading the media's coverage of my court hearing, I feel the need to correct what I believe are misperceptions about me. I absolutely realize how serious driving under the influence is. I could not live with myself if anyone was injured or killed while I was driving while impaired. Clearly, no one should " no matter how slightly.

I am ready to face the consequences of violating probation.

No one is above the law. I surely am not. I do not expect to be treated better than anyone else who violated probation. However, my hope is that I will not be treated worse."

What The Media Won't Tell You

Written by Tim Rutten

NOT very long ago, it was possible to contemplate spending a relatively long and reasonably productive career in American journalism without ever having to type the words "Paris Hilton."

That was then. This, sadly, is now.

Watching the cyclonic attention that swirled around Hilton's court appearance this week, it was hard not to notice how closely our celebrity-besotted press now resembles Churchill's famous description of the prewar Germans as a people "either at your throat or at your feet."

Having benefited from the tabloid media's attentions while it was in that latter posture, perhaps this rather odd young woman will now have to suffer through its assault. That, in fact, is the traditional arc of celebrity for celebrity's sake. First the tabloid media's various incarnations make you famous for nothing more than being famous. Then it turns in a fury of righteous indignation and devours you for, well, being famous.

It's perverse but predictable.

Here is where the ritual dismissal of Hilton's aimless life and self-absorbed character are supposed to occur. Let's skip them.

If millions of people choose to be fascinated by a young woman who apparently feels that the best thing to do with wealth and privilege is to turn herself into an unpaid photographer's model, what can you say? Like the inexplicable English affinity for spaniels, monarchy and the music of Frederick Delius, it's simply one of life's essentially harmless mysteries.

What isn't harmless is the way in which so much of the serious news media checked its critical intelligence and judgment at the door of this particular feeding frenzy.

AN unexpected range of otherwise respectable news organizations devoted a stunning number of column inches and broadcast minutes to covering the hearing at which Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer sentenced Hilton to 45 days in jail for violating the probation she received for driving while under the influence of alcohol. Their coverage — and nearly all the extensive commentary that accompanied it — was remarkable not only for its volume, but also for the absence of most of the context and perspective serious newspaper and broadcast journalists usually deem essential when reporting on the criminal justice system.

Nobody in the mainstream media, for example, bothered to inquire very deeply into whether Sauer's sentence was within the usual range for such an offense. That's interesting, because how a judge employs their discretion is normally an important part of any court story. Had such questions been asked, the reporters would have found that Sauer's sentence was unusually harsh for a defendant who had behaved as Hilton had. It was far more typical of the kind of sanction a judge might have imposed on somebody who had violated probation by drinking and driving again, which she did not do. (In that context, it's also interesting that no one bothered to debunk early reports that Hilton also had failed to enroll, as her probation required, in a program to discourage alcohol abuse. In fact, she's close to completing such a program.)

The harshness of the sentence ought to have loomed larger, when put together with Sauer's unusual ruling forbidding Hilton from paying to go into one of the private jails usually open to suitable defendants with sufficient financial means. (The question of whether any rich person ought to be able to buy their way into a private jail is an entirely separate and, in many ways, far more important question.) The clear impression was that Sauer had decided to make an example of a spoiled young woman who was behaving as if her celebrity put her above the law — and it was an impression both the serious and tabloid press seemed to relish.

The tabloid press is somebody else's problem but it's troubling that none of the mainstream print or broadcast journalists commenting on the case pointed out that the American criminal justice system does not make examples of people. It penalizes people for specific individual acts and punishes them according to the law. We do not punish one person to instruct others. We rely on the public administration of disinterested and dispassionate justice to educate and deter.

We don't make exceptions to this principle — not even for Paris Hilton.

So why are so many people and organizations who ought to know better behaving as if Hilton's case is an exception?

[You can read the rest of the article by clicking here]

The Smirking Media Agrees: Paris Hilton Is A Target Of Discrimination

Paris Hilton and her family didn't expect the worse case scenario.

Now let's look at how the tyrant media is treating the news.

Apparently, there were many other options that the judge could've given her without having even her to go to jail. That's what Paris, her lawyer and her parents were expecting. This judge, however, decided to use Paris Hilton's fame and status inorder to show other celebrities that you can't disobey the law. Her lawyer was right, according to the media. It was deliberate. Paris was clearly used on purpose because the judge could've given her a less harsh punishment.

Almost every commentator in the media has a grin on his or her face. Some of them are even laughing on camera, and talk in a happy way.

But they all agree that the verdict was too harsh.

Unbelieveable Media Hatred Launched Against Paris Hilton

A torrent of hatred has been launched against famous, pretty and rich girl Paris Hilton in the media and on the internet.

Every hater is acting in a disgustingly shameless behavior. Even the commentators on entertainment shows have become more vicious and arrogant. Absolutely evil commentators, such as Elaine Lui have managed to spread lies about Paris Hilton on Canada's popular entertainment show "eTalk" by calling her "evil-spirited."

This flow of pure evil has become more powerful today, and this is due to the fact that haters of all sorts see some sort of justice.

When we say justice, we don't really mean "justice." These haters don't care about justice; what they care about is taking a rich, famous and pretty girl to jail for simply living a better and privileged life. That's the undeniable truth. They feel that Paris owes them something; that's why they whine all the time in the first place.

No matter how vicious they become, never forget what we just said.

And we remind you that Paris Hilton is a self-made millionaire. Rich from the outside and in the inside. She is only one of the luckiest girls on Earth. With a little common sense, you'll realized that obviously, everyone will want a piece of her. Decent people on the other hand, don't want to become Paris Hilton and feel convident and strong about their own selves. They are happy with their life (most of them) and these strong people, don't blame their problems on Paris.

But remember, we, the fans (many of us, at least), should not accept the media's dishonest coverage. Many of us don't only idiolize Paris for being rich, famous or pretty. Actually, we find the idea of a rich, famous and pretty working and making a career for herself even more interesting, because none of these haters would have even want to accomplished what Paris has done so far with her career.

We're not the empty-headed idiots who follow her mindlessly for no good reason. No matter how much crap and lies you hear from the media, we know that we are fans of her music (we crave for her music and believe in her as an artist), TV show, movies and of many other things, including personality traits.

We deplore the reaction of these haters wherever they are, and I am convinced that these "evil-spirited" haters are doing the job of Satan, and unfortunately, Paris has naturally born into this lifestyle and became a victim. You can't call yourself a true Christian if you're going to applaud a monster like Michael T. Sauer who shamelessly abuses his powers and then, tries to convince everyone that justice has been served and that the system is working just fine!

Many people oppose to this and believe in total equality, but the truth is that Paris Hilton is better and above than most of us in many different ways, in beauty or in being a rich working woman for example.

But obviously, she's not above the law, no one is. If she commits a crime, she should be held responible, but treated equally and fairly as the average person. This clearly hasn't happened.

Again, the haters don't see it this way; they disgustingly envy her in every way.


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