Why and Who Likes Paris Hilton So Much?


Fans of Paris HiltonAlthough many people don't realize this, but the truth is that there are numerous fans of Paris Hilton, not just in the United States, but also worldwide. In Japan for example, she's has a remarkable fan base. The Asian world simply loves her as well as her sister, Nicky Hilton. Nicky's clothing line, Chick, has found great success among Japanese people. Both of them visit the country very often.

Paris, of course, is not only a singer, but also an actress. In addition, she promotes perfumes and watches, as part of her business. She basically does everything she wants to do, and for that reason, her fan base consists of all sorts of people of different age, gender and background. It's not clear how many fans she has. Some reporters estimate that there are millions of fans, and it's likely to be true considering the fact that millions of people watched the Simple Life. Her hardcore fan base probably consists of hundreds of thousands of people, but it's also possible that there are millions.

Simple Life Series

Another portion of her fanbase absolutely love the Simple Life series, and think that Paris is a good comedian. Indeed, Paris was a comedian in the Simple Life. After all, she was playing a character. There are a good number of people who consider the Simple Life series as their favourite TV show mainly because they think it's the funniest TV show.

Fashion Icon for Little Girls and Adults

There are also many young fans and adults who like her sense of fashion and think she's a great role model. A lot of her fans aren't into fashion, but for some youngsters who want a career in fashion, Paris is a role model and a great inspiration of beauty and style.

Paris, the Smartie!

You may even encounter people who believe that she's a marketing genius since everything she creates and builds is done in a right order and is always successful. She stats her goals straight and goes after them. They're amazed by the fact that even though she's rich, she still goes out there in the spotlight, works hard and carries tons of projects at the same time.