FAQ and Facts

What type of animals does Paris have?
What is Paris' favourite film of all times?
How much does Paris get paid to appear at a party event?
Who is Paris' heroine?
Who are Paris' role models?
What stresses Paris out the most?
What's an average day like for Paris?
What are Paris' priorities?
How does Paris' figure out if one of her friends is good or bad?
What are Paris' favourite countries to shop?
What is Paris' biggest fear?
What's Paris' preferred location to conduct an interview?
What type of guys does Paris like?
Does Paris like beer?
Does Paris dance on tables in nightclubs?
Is Paris spoiled?
Why do people hate Paris?
Why does Paris always come late to an event?
Is something wrong with Paris' weight? Is she too skinny?
Is Paris a "poison" to other celebrities (Nicole and Britney)?
Did Paris go to college?
What is Paris' goal?

She has five Chihuahuas (including Tinkerbell), two cats, three ferrets and two monkeys.

Her favourite movie is Legally Blond (2001).

She gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, but she can also ask for a million.

Her heroine is Sharon Stone.

Her role models are Diana, Princess of Wales, Marilyn Monroe and Madonna.

Work and boys stresses her out.

Every day is different for her. She's either doing a photo shoot, working on a movie or doing a commercial. She doesn't really have any free time nowadays. However, she manages to find some time to party and have fun, but even partying is sometimes for business.

Her priorities are Tinkerbell, work, family, health and life.

She tests them. She tells them to pick which outfit look best on her and if they choose the ugliest one, she cuts connection with her or him. Or she tells her or him a lie and see if that lie ends up on Six Page the next day.

Her favourite countries to shop are Europeen countries and Japan, because those are the countries where they get the latest clothes.

Like most people out there, her biggest fear is death, because she doesn't want to die.

Paris' favourite location to do an interview is on the patio of the famous Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Someone who makes her laugh, has a heart, is funny, cool and hot. She doesn't care about money "In LA, every girl is a gold-digger and I think a lot of guys come to me because they know I don't need anything".

Not really. She likes Red Bull, though.

Many reports tend to mention this, but Paris has said that she doesn't and that she only dances on banquettes which are below the tables. The lyrics of her song "Turn You On" also says "as I dance on the table top," but that's just to make the song "hotter" and give what the public wants to hear.

No! You can call other heirs and heiresses "spoiled," but definitely not Paris. She has been making her own money since at the age of 18. Before she became famous worldwide, Paris used to earn money by appearing at party events and by doing photo shoots. However, today, Paris has built her own successful money-making empire and makes millions of dollars every year. She's a business woman and an entertainer basically.

That's a very simple question to answer. Most haters are 12-16 year old kids or even stay-at-home-moms. The reason for this is because she has money, beauty and fame. They also think that she doesn't deserve to be famous because of some tape, but the truth is that Paris works hard to make her own money and is a successful entertainer. Another reason is because she attracts too much attention everywhere she goes. The fact is that she's one of the most photographed women on earth! They really think that Paris is someone mean and evil as the tabloids try to portray her to be. Certainly, beauty is very important for these haters, and since Paris is one of the prettiest women alive, they hate her even more. However, keep in mind that most haters have no clue about what Paris has achieved at her young age.

Many fans complain that Paris doesn't arrive on time at press conferences or some other events. This is considered as "normal" from her part because she is supposed to come "fashionably" late, and we've seen this attitude from her many times. But she generally does this because it's "fashionable."

She may look too skinny, but that's her normal weight. She can eat as much as food she wants, but she'll always stay skinny. Luckily for her, she has a very good metabolism and doesn't need to worry about getting fat. However, Paris does a lot of exercises almost every morning to stay active and healthy.

This came from the media and haters. They always blame every problem on Paris. Whenever Nicole Richie or Britney Spears, who are good friends of Paris, does something wrong, everyone blames it on Paris, like as if Nicole and Britney are kids who don't know what they're doing. It is absolutely ridiculous, but fans come to expect it.

It is not clear whether or not she finished her high school, but she has stated that she didn't go to college. It was probably because she didn't see the need of it. At the age of 18, she was already making her own money and was hanging out with her friends at parties. It is not clear if she received a GED.

Her goal is simply "World Domination".