Paris Hilton Fragrance Line Collection


Paris Hilton"It's really hot. I mixed all these scents together and when a guy wears it, it smells so good." - Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton presenting her fragrancesThe first perfume suitably called "Paris Hilton" is described by many fans as the best one of all of Paris Hilton perfumes. The tremendous success of Paris' original perfume lead to the launch of various fragrances. After the launch of "Paris Hilton," she decided to release the male version of the perfume, for her male fans.

This was followed by another fragrance titled "Just Me" in Fall 2005, which is available for both women and men. In October 2006, another perfume called "Heiress" was released. Then, "Heir," for men, was released in late 2006. "Can Can" is Paris Hilton's fourth scent, and this one was launched in late October 2007.

Paris Hilton 2004

Paris Hilton Women Title

Paris Hilton Woman Scent

Paris Hilton WomenShe's famous. She's an expert at attracting attention. She's in the spotlight wherever she goes. She is setting new standards for socialites. She always seems to be at the centre of things. Who is she? Paris Hilton, of course.

Rich in its appeal, it defines that moment in time when powerful sensuality and breathtaking beauty are captured in a way that all can enjoy. Now, you have the opportunity to share in the grip of the magic that is Paris Hilton.

Find out what it smells like to be a Star.

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Paris Hilton Men Title

Paris Hilton Man Scent

Paris Hilton MenParis Hilton knows how she likes a man to smell so she has created a scent to share with her male admirers around the world. A fresh, clean and airy fragrance with notes of Fig Leaf and Green Mango make this an ultra masculine scent. Elegant White Sage, Juniper and Basil develop into an invigorating encounter. Moroccan Cedarwood, hypnotic Cucumber and Amber unfold to create a deeply seductive blend.

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Just Me 2005

Just Me Women Title

Just Me Woman Scent

Just Me WomenJust Me by Paris Hilton makes a grand entrance with sparkling and juicy Red Berries, crisp Bergamot and spicy Pink Peppercorns, A rich bouquet of vibrant Violet, Lily of the Valley and elegant White Rose mingle to create a youthful energy. Exotic Tahitian Vanilla, Musk and woody notes unveil the seductive side of Paris.

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Just Me Men Title

Just Me Man Scent

Just Me MenJust Me for Men is a warm, sexy, spirited and truly contemporary fragrance. Bergamot, Lemon and Tangerine combined with Black Currant and Key Lime are interwined with the lushness of fresh Grass. Sea Breeze and Sage blend soft marine notes with a spicy cook undertone. The fragrance warms down to exotic Patchouli, Amber and the passion of Musk.

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Heiress/Heir 2006

Heiress Women Title

Heiress Women Scent

Heiress WomenHer fragrance opens with a swirl of Passion Fruit and juicy Orange Burst. A splash of Peach Granita and Champagne Mimosa adds some sparkle. Star Jasmine, Tiare Flower and vibrant Honeysuckle reveal and exotic and mysterious floral medley. The heart is teased with warm notes of Violet and woody notes.

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Heir Men Title

Heir Man Scent

Heir MenHeir for Men opens with fresh notes of Bergamot, Fir Balsam and Lemon. It evolves into crisp Geranium, Patchouli with an allure of brushed suede. Warm nuances of Sandalwood, Tonka and Amber complete the mystery of what makes him so sexy.

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Can Can 2007

Can Can Women Title

Can Can Woman Scent

Can Can WomenInspired by the playful, sensual mood of the Moulin Rouge, Paris introduces Can Can Paris Hilton. This flirtatious and tantalizing scent is remarkably feminine, a sophisticated, sensual fragrance with a provocative edge.

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Fairy Dust 2008

Paris Hilton Fairy Dust

Fairy Dust Woman Scent

Fairy Dust WomenParis Hilton waves her magic wand and enchants young women in every corner of the world with Fairy Dust, her magical new fragrance. It invites women of every age to believe that with a sprinkle of Fairy Dust dreams really can come true. There's just a hint of magic in this captivating new fragrance from Paris Hilton.

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Siren 2009

Paris Hilton Siren

Siren Woman Scent

Siren WomenParis Hilton puts a playful spin on the myths of sand and sea to embody a mermaid - captivating, seductive, and irresistibly charming. On the rocks she waits and casts her spell with her scent. She is mystical. She is fantastical. Experience the myth with a spray of this addictive scent.

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Tease 2010

Paris Hilton Tease

Tease Woman Scent

Tease WomenParis Hilton plays with the notion of Hollywood glamour, taking a contemporary look at retro elegance - light hearted, saucy and charming - for the launch of her newest fragrance, TEASE. It's all about being sexy like a true Hollywood Goddess.

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Passport 2011

Paris Hilton Passport Paris, South Beach, Tokyo, St. Moritz

Password Woman Scent

Passport Paris, South Beach, Tokyo, St. Moritz, WomenA special passport for those who aspire to the jet-setter lifestyle of Paris Hilton. This collection takes the girl next door to exotic locations through the power of fragrance. Party on South Beach! Shop on the Champs Elyses! Eat sushi in the Ginza! Ski in St. Moritz!

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Dazzle 2012

Paris Hilton Dazzle

Dazzle Woman Scent

Dazzle WomenSparkling, brilliant, glamorous. As glamorous as a pink diamond, as feminine as a coveted gem, this sensual fruity floral fragrance expresses the many facets of Paris' personality: sexy and sophisticated, fun and flirty, whimsical and charming.

Now every girl can DAZZLE naturally.

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Can Can Burlesque 2013

Paris Hilton Can Can Burlesque

Can Can Burlesque Woman Scent

Can Can Burlesque WomenA fresh and modernly beautiful scent, Can Can Burlesque is the delicious new addition to the Paris Hilton fragrance collection. The scent opens with luscious and tempting clementine and nectarine fruits that create an irresistible top note. The heart of the fragrance blooms with decadent wild orchid and warm orange blossom making an unforgettable statement. In the background, the rich velvet softness of white musk, glowing amber and sexy woods lingers on the skin.

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With Love 2014

Paris Hilton With Love

With Love Woman Scent

With Love WomenParis Hilton has always been vocal about her deep love and appreciation she holds for her fans. Her newest scent, is a very special and personalized gift to her loyal fans around the world. A beautiful and exclusive pieces of Paris, just for them.

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Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition 2015

Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition

Limited Anniversary Edition Woman Scent

Limited Anniversary EditionParis marks a milestone unveiling Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition for Women to celebrate her fragrance line's 10 year anniversary. The fragrance embodies Hilton's original essence with an intensified, more concentrated version of her signature scent, "Paris Hilton for Women," which continues to be a favorite and best seller around the world.

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Heiress Limited Edition 2015

Paris Hilton Heiress Limited Edition

Heiress Limited Edition Woman Scent

Limited Anniversary EditionEmbellished with red diamond-inspired crystals, Paris Hilton Heiress Limited Edition is a beautifully redesigned limited edition bottle of the original scent. The sensual fragrance captures Paris' classic style and signature vibrant personality. Lush tropical floral notes enhance its sensuality and allure.

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Gold Rush 2016

Paris Hilton Gold Rush

Gold Rush

Gold RushParis Hilton's newest scent marks her 20th launch within her successful fragrance franchise. This irresistibly feminine fragrance is lush, sophisticated and intoxicating. Reflecting an aura of classic Hollywood glamour, the fragrance evokes the heart-pulsing feeling of a chance meeting with someone who could change your life forever.

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Gold Rush Man

Gold Rush Man Scent

Gold Rush ManConceived as the male counterpart to Gold Rush, the inspiration behind Gold Rush Man echoes that of its feminine companion. Drawing on the rush of excitement felt during a chance encounter or when meeting someone new for the first time, the charismatic fragrance opens with a vibrant rush of exotic notes evoking a sensual golden warmth and bold masculinity.

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Rose Rush 2017

Paris Hilton Rose Rush

Rose Rush Woman Scent

Rose RushFollowing the international success of Gold Rush Paris Hilton, Rose Rush marks the second feminine addition to Paris Hilton's internationally-acclaimed "Gold Rush" scent assortment. Reminiscent of its predecessor, Rose Rush embraces old-Hollywood glamour, while drawing inspiration from the exhilarating "rush" one feels when falling in love.

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Platinum Rush 2018

Paris Hilton Platinum Rush

Platinum Rush Woman Scent

Platinum RushPlatinum; the universal symbol of true love, rarity and strength, is the inspiration behind Paris Hilton's newest fragrance and the third women's scent in her bestselling "RUSH" collection. The sparkling Floral-Fruity fragrance reflects Hilton's passion for sharing "the rush" of love through the power of scent.

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Electrify 2019

Paris Hilton Electrify

Electrify Woman Scent

ElectrifyThe life of the party and full of energy, ELECTRIFY by Paris Hilton was inspired by her love of music, dance and living in the moment. The fragrance captures the euphoria you feel as you dance the night away. ELECTRIFY is an intoxicating blend of Fresh Ozone, Apple, Peony and Turkish Rose combined with the sultry scents of Vanilla, Coconut Milk, Sandalwood and Patchouli. An unforgettable scent for those unforgettable nights. Be the first to wear this 2019 fragrance.

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Other Fragrances

Kathy Hilton - My Secret Collection

Kathy Hilton - My Secret

Paris Hilton's mother, Kathy Hilton has her own fragrance collection, which was launched in Fall 2007. It not only includes a perfume, named My Secret, but it also an Ageless Skincare Set, a Firming Face and Neck Spa Beauty Treatment and finally, a Hot Effect Thermal Sculpting Beauty Body Treatment!

10/02/05 Paris Hilton introduces her fragrance "Paris Hilton"

Fragrance Fragrance

16/05/05 Paris Hilton's fragrance launch party

Fragrance Fragrance Fragrance