Your Meeting with Paris Hilton


Yesterday afternoon September 12, 2008 my wife, baby daughter and I were taking our little one for a stroll by the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. We noticed a lot of paparazzi were all over Paris in front of 225 Santa Monica Blvd. (The Clock Tower Building) and as we walked by her I said "Paris check out my baby". She stopped and got close to the stroller and took a peek. She said "she's gorgeous" and asked her name. I said "her name is Anika". She said that it is a beautiful name and congratulated us. Paris was very pleasant and good to my baby girl. I hear she isUnfortunately, Anika was sleeping and was not aware of her encounter so she would like to meet Paris again.

Maybe she could have the opportunity to meet Paris again, this time awake. Thanks, we really enjoyed running into her and was very happy that Paris is good to babies.


I did not personally meet Paris Hilton but my granddaughter did. This past Saturday, February 23, 2008, Paris was at the Macy store in St. Louis, Mo. My granddaughter is one of her biggest fans. My son purchased her perfume collection to give her as a birthday gift which gave her the opportunity to meet Paris and get her autograph. Hannah, my granddaughter, made a Build-A-Bear to give to her. The minute they announced she was coming in, Hannah started crying in excitement. As Paris walked by her she could see how excited she was and walked over to her and gave her a big hug. My granddaughter was hysterical and couldn't control her self. As Paris was walking away Hannah gave her the Bear she made for her and Paris took it, and gave her another hug. This simple gesture gave a young girl the thrill of a lifetime. When it was her turn to meet Paris she thought she was going to faint. Paris took the time to talk to her and didn't rush her away. The Paris Hilton that I saw that day was a very caring person and the experience will stay with my granddaughter for her lifetime. I can't thank Paris enough for making a 13 year old girl the happiest girl in the world. The next day on the front page of our daily paper there was a picture of Paris holding the bear Hannah gave her, she was so excited she had to call everyone she knows. I now am a Paris fan myself.


I met her last August at the signing she did at Best Buy. I drove to L.A. from Tucson, Arizona. She shook my hand and said 'hi, its nice to meet you' and handed me the autographed cd booklet. I asked if I could have a hug and she said I got to hug her. She also said 'i like your shirt'. Because I was wearing a shirt that I made that has a picture of her on it and it says 'thats hot.'


I was lucky enough to meet Ms Paris Hilton at the World Music Awards in London November 2006

She was amazing and was the nicest person in attendance, she was the only one to stop and sign for the majority of the crowd everyone else just did a few and went in, everyone went crazy when she arrived. Anyways she was just signing for people and i was getting really nervous as i needed to get a picture with her, but i couldnt see her doing any and it was absolutely crazy so when she gt to by me i was yelling my head off telling her that i loved her lol and that her album was amazing and at one point she looked at me and said aww which in itself was amazing i am shocked that i didnt pass out on the floor lol

so as she gt closer and closer i kept yelling and she was soooo nice and she said thankyou soo much, and gave me a hug and then she stood talking to me for about 2-3 minutes which in red carpet time i think was quite a while lol, and then i asked her for a picture which i was sure she would say no to as it was insane by this point, and she was like for you ofcourse i can, so we took my pic she gave me another hug and said by sweety oh and she signed like 7 of my things

so yes overall actualy the best day off my life, and to top it off i got papped with her giving me a hug and loads of other random pics sum of which are on the World Music Awards website eee, and they showed us taking my pic at the beginning of the show on tv across the world


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