Judi Debella's Letters to ParisHiltonSite.net

They say when we reach a crossroad
or turning point in life
it doesn't really matter how we got there
but what we do next after we get there,
usually we arrive by adversity
and it's then
and only then
we find out who we truly are
and what we are truly made of,
it's a process, a gift, and a journey
and we travel it alone,
the road may be rough at the beginning
but we find we are able to walk it.

Remember this poem? Remember when Paris Hilton read this on Larry King Live in June 2007 and said that she wrote it? Well, apparently it is not written by her. This poem is written by a writer called Judi Debella. Judi Debella is trying to get recognized for her work which she says was plagiarized by Paris Hilton.

ParisHiltonSite.net covered this story many times in the news section and received many comments from Paris Hilton fans. On October 10, 2007, Judi Debella sent us a letter regarding the situation and replied to some of the comments.

Written by "Judi Debella"

[ParisHiltonSite.net broke the text into paragraphs.]

To Whom It May Concern: I am Judi DeBella, I am writing in reference to your coverage of my letter to Paris Hilton and would like to clear the air on a few things so your readers understand. First I'd like to say, I did indeed write that letter to Paris, was it a great one with great words? well that was up to Paris to decide it was written for her and what she got out of it and no one else to judge other than her, she obviously liked it, and i'm flattered she did, my intent was exclusively for Paris to read and Paris only but for whatever reason she has she choose to take it and do what she did, I'd like an answer myself as to why. understand that even a letter is considered intellectual property and when claimed by another is plagiarism which is considered morally and ethically wrong.

This story is not new it just took until now for it to be addressed via Joel Stein as a result of his video creation and never expected it to create such a stir, the interviews I have done are because people are facinated by the story and wanted to know more about it so I honored them as I have nothing to hide and expect it will soon pass and we'll all move on. This has been a very complicated and stressful situation because it involves Paris and if anybody thinks otherwise they are wrong, I have been torn by mixed feeling of all this because my thought was to do something nice for someone that I didn't know and live by that belief and think we all should as a socitey.

I came forward as a writer and not a Paris fan, I would of done no differant if it was somebody else but it happened to be Paris, my intentions in all this were to put a stop to my words, good or bad being connected to Paris because of the fact she was not truthful as to where they came from and choose to hold her accountable for that, she betrayed her fans who admire and believe in her and put others on the spot although this means nothing to most people but caution to who you idolize, what she has done is the same as if a painter sent a picture and sigined it and she scratched that person's name out and put her name on it and said "looked what I painted" simpliest terms I can put it, it's best this happened to me than a die hard Paris fan or they would of been absolutely devasted and crushed by her actions, it left me completely stunned so just imagine what it would of done, as I said, to a die hard fan.

Make no mistake though I have found Paris to be very entertaining and comical in many situations she's gotten herself into or things she has said and done but found no humor in the seriousness of her situation of jail and truly felt sorry for her. All in all Paris created this situation and I just responded to it, it is my right.

I'll try to end with quotes from a letter to me from the Deputy General Councel of Time Inc. the publisher of People Magazine, "On behalf of the magazine, I apologize that this has been an upsetting incident for you. No one at People ever intended such consequences." goes on to say "As you know, People obtained the material for "Paris's Journal" in the July 9, 2007 issue from Ms. Hilton herself." So nobody else was responsible for reading and submitting that other than Paris, that I now know for a fact, if there was any other way to resolve all this other than the media I certainly would of rather done it but because she is who she is I had no other choice as she is certainly not accessible where I could of picked up the phone and called her and asked her why she did what she did maybe it could of been resolved through her publicist but he choose not to respond, so here we are.

I believe Paris has the potential to do great things if she really focuses on whats important, but it has to be real, I have followed her release on TMZ and read mostly about beach parties in Malibu not what you would expect from a changed person as she had said but maybe it'll take a little time. Note through all this I have not spoken badly of Paris but simply told the truth.

[...] I have no other comments on these situations unless there is a response from Paris herself. I thank you for your time.

[ParisHiltonSite.net later sent her an email. We briefly explained how Paris Hilton has changed from a fan's point of view (how she's taking her career more seriously and partying less following her release from jail). We also gave her Paris Hilton Entertainment's address so she can try and contact Paris. Judi DeBella replied back by adding a few more comments.]

Thank You for responding. I would just like to add a couple of comments. There's no doubt that Paris is a compassionate and caring person it was apparent in the episodes of the "Simple Life" which I happened to catch one night as I never watched the show it was actually a rerun, but found I was drawn in by the fact that I saw past everything else and saw the person. I threw out the whatever it is that I had heard about her through the media in passing and found I just couldn't see what was so bad about as her she seemed very caring. I wouldn't of wasted my time writing to her if I truly didn't believe so. We all make mistakes there is no doubt about that we are human and sometimes we put our trust into the hands of the wrong people as she did and end up in places we don't plan on going , I think most people could understand that also, but it's not paraded over the tv, the picture of her in the back of the police car crying was truly heart breaking, I can't imagine how that must of felt and hope never to find out.

My series of letters to her were to encourage , empower, guide and help her through that experience but it was the last letter I wrote to her, that I wish I could disclose ,that sent this whole siutation on it's way as well.

I encourage you to continue to report the goods things that she is involved in i think it's important for people to know about them and encourage you to encourage others to do the same, it should be recognized. I support her efforts and would even would be willing to assist her in them if it makes the world just a little bit better place to live in, it's what we should all strive for. I don't expect her to stop her social life it's how she makes her living but not to act irresponsible when you have other choices, meaning, if she has an option not to drive after being out, choose it , especially when young impressionable people look up to her and want to be like her but I am glad if she's calmed it down a little, I think where people are confused in the Larry King interview and don't quote me on this she had mentioned something to the effect that she had been going out along time and it's not what she wanted anymore, I think it was taken that she was going to stop being the " party girl" altogether.

I more than likely will not contact Paris regarding this but appreciate the info, if she wants to talk or offer an apology she can find away to contact me through any of the sources that have covered this story I won't ask for an apology it's something she has to offer on her own.

One last comment I have not been paid for any interview and have not asked for any money regarding this, only a correction, when this first happened I did speak with an attorney who is willing to represent me and was advised of what my options concerning this matter. Again I thank you for your time and ask my e-mail not be disclosed.

[ParisHiltonSite.net thanks Judi DeBella for all the information and her kind words of encouragement. We'll continue to cover her story until it is solved.]

[A few months letter, in early December 2007, ParisHiltonSite.net receives an update from Judi DeBella regarding her story. This issue still has not been solved.]

As things have somewhat settled down and life moves on, I have had a little more time to think, it's been quite a whirlwind since that Larry King interview with Paris. I myself the other day just did another radio interview regarding this situation with Katie a reporter from TMZ on the Keeler in the Morning Show 92.7, and again refused to attack Paris on any level but simply told the story.

As I said I've had a little more time to think and absorb what's happened, so on Nov. 28, 2007 I decided, yes to write Paris another letter, except this one was a 6 page in depth letter explaining the situations and circumstances that led me up to writing her and where the inspiration for those words came from. I don't ever imagine i'll get a response regarding this situation but felt I needed her to know the reasons why and why I stepped to the media.

As with all my letters to Paris there is always an opening that I'll share with you, never know where it may turn up: "I believe God brings together the most unlikely people puts together the most unusual situations to fulfill a bigger and greater plan and though it may not make sense at the time someday it will unfold, I too believe that somehow, someway, for some reason we are all connected by a moment in time."

[On December December 12, 2007, Judi DeBella replied to some of the comments that ParisHiltonSite.net's visitors wrote last time. She also mentioned that she will keep us updated.]

because of Paris being high profile, things could not be settled quickly with a simple phone call, this is why it has dragged on, very complicated situation, people still have an interest in the story and contact me to hear it, I tell the story whether it's radio or tv and move on, I'm a writer not a public speaker big differance, I have been published previous to this, don't need Paris to get things published.

a written letter is considered intellectual property and if someone claims the content of it as their own it is considered plagiarism, the writer is still the author and owns it, don't like the limelight irony of all of this, anyone that knows me knows that as fact, but was brought into it by trying to stop what was going on with those words and the only way to do it was to use the media, not a religious fanatic, went to Catholic Schools ten years it's how I was raised.

the letters weren't personal information about myself but letters of support and guidance, except the most recent and it was to help her fully understand why I responded the way I did and why it was important to me that I did and it was not for money, fame or even credit if she's read the most recent letter I clearly state that to her as well, no crossroads are not unique was at one myself when it was written, don't want or need a prize, my actions are not self serving but felt like hers were.

true nobody likes to admit mistakes when confronted, Paris brought my words of wisdom to the public not I, not trying to insert myself into her life, she inserted hers into mine by doing what she did and I just responded to it, is my right, she doesn't respond because s!he cannot respond to this situation even if she wanted to, the point of that interview was to show how time in Lynwood changed her and by me stepping forward about this made it look not so good for her, but if she ever did respond it would be kept confidential unless she wanted it made public.

Understand this is not a vendetta against her in anyway, again if her publicist responded it more than likely would of never hit the media, I would of simply suggested she say she got confused and correct the fact she didn't write it, but as of right now Paris is the only one that has all the reasons for everything, mine and hers as well.

Thank you to whoever liked my writing, means alot and hope it helped others too. I will continue to support Paris for the good things she does and think I have been forgiving considering the situation, I believe unless anybody is in my shoes they could not actually say how they would handle or feel given this issue. I wish the best to her.