How To Fight Against Judge Michael T. Sauer

Written by "Enrico B. M" (A letter written for Paris Hilton)

Dear Paris:

You are an adorable girl and making traffic violations, is part of growing up. We tend to be more careful as we grow older, but older folks are not exempt from such common mistakes. It's all a matter of circumstance, sometimes, that we find ourselves too difficult for us to extricate ourselves from. Much as we try to avoid involving ourselves in any traffic fiasco.

But the judge, in your present case, made yesterday a very distorted judgment, that put a glaring doubt on his character and his sanity. For one, there is a strong possibility that he may be gay, for a straight person will never come up with the kind of decision he has reached. He has a mental and emotion warp in his personality.

On the other hand, if he is not gay, he may have an axe to grind regarding your case, or that his clouded judgment is intended to suit a favor received, like money or sex (with a male) from an interested party.

My humble suggestion, therefore, to you is to ask your parents or guardians, to file a legal suit against the judge, for endangering your very life in his judgment against you. The suit should seek disbarment from the practice of law and any holding government office, as well as punitive punishment to the tune of at least $1 million. Your parents or guardians have every right to file this suit, for your protection and those others who may find themselves in an encounter with the same highly prejudiced judge.

But to ensure victory, I suggest that you do not hire just any lawyer. Hire a topnotch law firm to represent your parents or guardians. I used to work for Jenner and Block. I know how they operate. This firm has all the resources and know-how to destroy your opponents and to win the case.

I believe they have a branch office in Los Angeles. I used to work in their main office in Chicago.

Well, for now, take heart. The American people sympathize with you and want you to be free as soon as possible. Keep faith and pray, for God will see you through this ordeal, safely and happily. God bless!


Enrico B. M

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[...] Paris deserves to be free. Why don't those guys run instead after those defrauders and criminals on the internet? The government pays them money, for doing what? Why do they have to vent their illegal ire on one celebrity who has admitted a traffic blunder. I am sure the judge has committed lots of them, but only he manages to intimidate the police for catching him. At present, I am staying at my brother's place in Carson, California. But I am from Chicago and will probably go back there next month, depending on situations here. At one time, I worked as news correspondent in Manila for Reuters International News Service. In Chicago, I worked as court clerk, calling cases during court sessions and swearing in witnesses, in the Circuit Court of Cook County. Right now, to survive, I do booking for international travelers as an independent travel agent. Not much pay, but it helps to keep body and soul together. Well, I wish great success in your good endeavors and may God bless you all!