The Other Side Of The Coin

Written by "Les" (possibly a close associate of Paris)

As nearly all of the media, attention-seeking civil rights activists/opportunists, along with the uninformed public followers of the most recent tabloid stories are all seemingly set on implicating themselves in one-sided debates over whether or not Paris Hilton has been given special treatment due to medical reasons, continue to issue libelous statements against her personal character, and continue to support the controversy surrounding this case, rather than reporting the truth and the facts about Paris' character. I will attempt here, to help you take two steps back, and shed a little light on the real Paris Hilton.

Hopefully revealing the true facts of this case along the way, rather than following along with today's popular trend of Paris bashing.

Fact: She unwittingly broke the rules of her probation. For which she has already served more than a "normal" sentence as clearly sited in similar cases with similar circumstances.

Fact: A so called, "normal person," wouldn't have their face planted all over every news channel and tabloid for a violation such as this.

Fact: A "normal person" wouldn't suffer the humiliation that comes from being the punch-line of very distasteful jokes regarding her character on shows like the MTV movie awards and late night talk shows.

But lets not stop with that, as there is even more to her story than is often reported.

Fact: Paris agreed to plead, no contest, and not fight back against the charges initially brought against her, due to the bad advice of some of her advisors. Even though the charges were trumped up as result of her not "flirting."

Fact: She has received over 50 business cards from police officers in LA who have stopped her simply to "flirt."

Fact: Her advisors convinced her that the charges were, "not a big deal," and fighting back would only make matters much worse for her and her family, and would probably not pan out for her because of the Hollywood "tabloid" character she is often sold and portrayed as.

Fact: She had enough evidence to file a sexual harassment complaint against the officer involved in her reckless driving charge. But chose to take the charge and walk away to avoid any legal and/or political complications towards her family.

However, I'm sure it's safe to say now, she and her family would have taken a much different approach and fought back against the initial charges had they known not doing so would end up drowning Paris in this pool of hypocrisy for which she is completely undeserving.

Instead of Paris bashing, people everywhere, specifically women, should be standing by her to make a statement of how unjustly women are so often treated by males in positions of authority.

Fact: Celebrities are harassed more often than the average person by authorities, paparazzi, stalkers, fans, etc.

But all that aside, let's move on and examine her TRUE personal character rather than what the media and tabloids continue to sell her as.

Fact: The media often fabricates stories to make her and other celebrities look a certain way for marketing purposes.

Fact: Paris is truly a sweetheart, not some spoiled brat who doesn't do anything for society.

One of the main causes behind the public's negative view of Paris, is her ex-boyfriend, Rick Solomon, who released a private personal sex tape on the Internet without her consent after she would not give into his demands. Paris tried to play it off as if it didn't bother her, turning herself into a character simply because at that point there was not much else she could do. Paris took him to court, and although she lost the case for the release of the video. She won a civil law suit against him, and donated all the money ($450,000) to charity. How's that for REAL character. What would you have done in that situation?

Besides that, Paris Hilton, works with many children's fundraising and educational campaigns, regularly visits many children's hospitals, works directly with and is personally involved in many charities, including multiple sclerosis research, AIDS research and the fight against breast cancer. She is an animal activist; helps those who are less fortunate, and financially supports homeless shelters. She donates large amounts of clothes to the needy, and continuously raises money for countless other charities by attending parties, and events. She always happily contributes every penny she raises. Yeah, sounds like the characteristics of a real spoiled brat, doesn't it?

The real shame is that anyone dares to talk about injustice in her case without presenting all the facts of the case or her real character. It is truly appalling that there is any talk in the news at all about whether or not she has suffered psychologically throughout this ordeal; or is suffering from a medical condition, after being a victim of privacy infringement and continuous public abuse. Keep in mind a Doctor not a Judge, certified the fact that she is suffering from a medical condition and recommended her release to house arrest for medical reasons. The judge went against the Doctor's recommendations and put her back in jail simply to appease the general public's massive cry for equality.

What a privilege it must be to get more special justice like that!

...without prejudice