Speaking out against the hate compaign launched by hate groups such as The Exies

Dedicated to visitor, thewaymouth (I am Mike Burns 4 U)

It all happened on June 1, 2007

I read a couple of posts written by thewaymouth on my Guestbook:

Dear Miss Hilton Site,

Do you know how very hard you rock? Who are you? How about an "About Us" section? Whoever you are, I've always depended upon the kindness of strangers... toward Miss Hilton, the No. 1 most hated Hollywood celeb.

I have a lot to say about that, about you, although I would like to know who I'm talking to. So I can properly thank you, all of you. How about a first name(s) (fictitious if you prefer) at least, & maybe what else you(s) do. If you have time for anything else considering how much you do here. I apologize if it is actually already listed somewhere but I can't find it. You have such beautiful blond brass ones for sticking with Paris, you deserve credit.

BTW, I am Mike Burns 4 U, the black diamond dog's breakfast of champions, like you. A blogger online. In real life, as (Terry) Marlon Brando says in On The Waterfront, "I coulda had class, I coulda been a contender, I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it."

I'm sure like you have, Miss Paris Site, this Boston baked bean has taken a ton of crap, defending Paris on blogs all over & even in letters to newspapers. The more people hate on her the more I love her, just to bug them, just because I can love who I want to love, because I want to kick back @ all their jealousy & misogyny, because she's beautiful, fun, she works it, she works hard for the money & knows how to laugh on the way to the bank.

Anyway, I'll have a lot more to say about that, Paris & you -- especially about what I most admire about you, for we have an affinity in this area: our support & high regard for her album -- if you can stand it. But for now let's get down to today's dirty work for which I am sure to catch hate for on my MySpace page.

Thanks for alerting me to the latest petition against Paris, started up the Exies, a run-of-the-mill metal band who have their knickers all in a bunch that Paris might serve only half her time.

I just went to the...


thewaymouth: Great platform. "Fox News." Now that's an oxymoron...
I could go on about the misogyny & the hate on toward the most hated Hollywood celebrity but then I'd just be confusing hate with jealousy. Paris Hilton's debut album outsold your last 2 albums combined & then some. Oh, but that's right. You are real artists. You don't care about sales. Unlike Paris, it is only you who has integrity. Only you know who & what is art. You are, THE DECIDERS. Let's not let the people decide for themselves. How democratic, how punk. Seig Heil, mein Exies!

There's so many more important issues to talk about than jail time for Paris, you say, & yet that is all you, too, talk about. Let's not talk about how the president walks the streets freely as he wantonly commits murder & torture in an illegal war for oil profit, using our fellow citizens to do his bidding & die for it, in our names, with our tax money, with the blood of innocents on our hands, leaving us to reap the TILT-a-whirlwind for a long time to come. No, let's just blame all of society's ills on the bitch & lock her away forever & we'll all feel better about everything.

I say crucify Jesus's friend, Dupeya.
Give us Paris... I say your "music", your high "art," your holier than thou handed down from Mt. "Modern Way of Living With The Truth" does not set me free. But it is your right to carry on your way.

Last year Regina Spektor, The Walkmen, Giant Drag, LeAnn Rimes, Ashlee Simpson, The Arctic Monkeys, Cat Power, all rocked my world, hard.
But I say "Paris" is the best album of 2006. I say she was the artist of the year. Paris is the new black. You gotta FIGHT for your RIGHT to PARIS....

But that's just my opinion. Just like all your blather & distortion is just your opinion.

Thanks to the Paris Hilton site that lights up the free world... for alerting me to the latest petition against Paris, started up the Exies, a run-of-the-mill metal band who have their knickers all in a bunch that Paris might serve only half her time.

I just went to their MySpace page & blog & like a dog I went to work for my mistress. & here are the results: my comments on a video news interview that all four horsemen of the Exies did on Fox.

"Saturday, May 19, 2007
The Exies vs Paris - on Fox's Cavuto
We appeared on Fox's 'Your World with Neil Cavuto' to talk to about the media covering real artists, not amateur porn stars. Check it out below.
(Go to their page to see video)

My respond to thewaymouth's posts

thewaymouth, who is a frequent visitor of this website wrote about how much he liked the website and that I "deserve credit" for doing what I do every day for Paris despite the fact that 85% of the population irrationally hate Paris and that I am almost bombarded every day with negative articles.

Indeed, almost 95% of the articles posted on the internet about Paris Hilton are negative. You'll barely find any positive ones. And you know why it's like that? It's because the media and the paparazzi are always looking out for negative aspects about Paris. They only highlight those ones, and barely mention the positive ones. For the positive ones, it is Paris who has to mention them in interviews.

Okay, so thewaymouth also said that he'd like to know me better and know who he is talking to. He suggested that I should make an "About Us" page and explain more. Normally, in real life, believe it or not, I'm not a very outspoken person and don't socialize easily, but I've been thinking for some time now about making such page. I promise I will, but I don't think I have much to say, actually...

As we're heading to jail time, misery and chaos, the media will go crazy and they will be even more "out of control" as Nicole Richie suggested. Most of us will be angry again because our Paris will be treated unfairly. The haters and the media who are excited about this jail time, still continue to portray Paris' fans as brain-dead trendies who only follow Paris because she's so-so glamorous, which obviously, suggests that they hate her because she is glamorous, but they use that against us.

I'm speaking for myself, so let me assure you that I, by far, am not a fashion-conscious person and don't follow trends. But guess who does! The haters have always been the empty-headed ones. They've always followed and believed every fake news about Paris.

I mean the media can say just about anything about Paris, and the average hater will believe it. There are other haters such as The Exies as mentioned by thewaymouth on my Guestbook. And I tend to agree with the comments he wrote about them, and I can feel and understand his anger against this outrageous and monstrous band.

I have to say that I see something really weird before me, every time I see haters such as The Exies on FOX News or in the media. I mean I look at the way they talk about Paris, and I say to myself, this band and I think completely differently. Haters and fans do think very differently in fact, but that's only because there are certain things that haters don't understand about us and Paris.

What really irritates me is when a band such as The Exies comes on TV and talks about real artists. I talked about this yesterday, and I was very angry about the fact that another hate band is mindlessly jumping in the same boat.

Haters such as The Exies without question agree that Paris Hilton is an untalented girl who doesn't deserve to be famous. Now that's a huge insult to Paris and to her fans. They agree without question that Paris Hilton really does deserve 45 days in jail when in fact, every normal and healthy individual with even half a brain realizes that she doesn't for her type of crime. What really pisses me off, however, is:

A: This band is using her name to promote their music. I didn't even know the band The Exies existed until I heard about their hate campaign against Paris. And let me tell you, I have absolutely no interest in knowing their music, and I am 99.9% convinced that if I listen to one of their songs, I won't like it as much as I like "Turn It Up" for example. Or "Jealousy" since I'm sure that this band is rockish.

B: They are fooling the public massively. They know, consciously know, that their campaign will be supported because 85% of the population already irrationally hate Paris Hilton! They are bound to get support. The average jealous lemming will agree with everything they say about Paris. The group is actually pretending that the effort they put in launching the hate campaign should be credited to them, when in fact, it is the jealous mentality that motivates haters to support such evil group. The same is true when it comes to gossip experts who always talk negatively about Paris. When they open their mouth and talk about real artists and talent and subconsciously push the public and arrogantly make them believe that they are the real talented artists, the public really believes them, and I feel a rage in me that is hard to suppress! And you know, it's really sad that it has to be this way. I feel very bad for Paris because since day one, they've never understood her because she is lucky to be born super-pretty and comes from an extremely wealthy family. I mean, believe it or not, people even applaud when someone extremely rich dies. You are bound to be hated if you're rich, and with Paris, the media always highlights the fact that she's rich, even though, she's not as rich as people think she is.

Listen, I'm going to give a very good example in order to explain to you why a hate group such as The Exies is very wrong when they talk about real artists and talents. And I also want to explain how I and haters view Paris.

As you know, I am not a fan of today's music, but when I first heard clips of Paris Hilton's unreleased songs, I said to myself, wow, finally good music. Many fans such as I, were very excited about her debut album because we knew it is a masterpiece. Even Paris recognized that, and in an interview, she said that her music is better than anything which passes for music these days.

Back then, an average hater would say to this that of course, it is good because she can afford talented producers, but it's very wrong to simply think that way! Very wrong! Paris Hilton worked with talented producers such as Scott Storch and Kara DioGuardi, and she told them what she liked and how she wanted her album to be. She worked with Scott to come up with excellent songs such as Turn It Up, Jealousy and Are You With It. They are quality works. Do you really believe that all it takes money to do that? No, it takes someone who knows music, real music. And Paris, who is good at partying, knows real music. She is good at writing lyrics, too. A lot of people don't realize this, but Paris is a very emotional girl, and she's very good at writing fun or sad lyrics. "Turn It Up" and "Jealousy" are perfect examples.

My point is that since the late 90s, I haven't bought a single album, except the standard and limited editions of Paris Hilton's debut album, not to mention all her singles and all of this, for a good reason. Aside Paris' music, I haven't found any "real artist" who takes music seriously these days... Usually they try to fool the public and make us buy an album that consists of one good song.

So on August 23, 2006, I went to a music store, and I looked around me. I looked at Christina Aguilera's new CD, Back to Basics, I noticed that the art work for her album wasn't very appalling even though, she is a beautiful woman. I listened to a couple of songs, and I just didn't like them. Oh, yes! Christina has an AMAZING voice, but the songs and the beats on the album are HORRIBLE, which suggests that Christina didn't bother to work closely with her producers and instead decided to only concentrate on her lyrics and voice. BIG MISTAKE, in my book…

And I can pretty much say the same thing about 99.9% of all artists and albums out there. These so-called real artists really believe that all it takes is a perfect voice to become an artist. Forgot about beats, that's too much of a challenge.

You see, The Exies doesn't understand this. I am shocked when they talk like that about Paris, because they're assuming that her songs suck. I mean they probably haven't even listened to her album! Even if they did, since they are haters, they will automatically trash it! Besides like thewaymouth said, who the hell are they to judge like that in the media! And we, the fans, want Paris to succeed and become the artist she wants to become no matter how hard she has to work for it!

So what did I do in that music store on August 23, 2006, a day that I will forever remember? I, of course, proudly bought Paris Hilton's debut album because I wanted to show my support for such incredible music and work. You see, it's not only the music, it is also the production of this amazing project. "Paris" is in a sense a flawless production. Its art work is stunning. Everyone who was involved in this project deserves an award.

Oh, but what am I saying, huh? If an average hater read this, he would probably think I am insane, illusional and should go for a psychiatric treatment. I mean right now, at this very moment, only a very small fraction of people on this Earth understand what I am saying, that includes thewaymouth. Most people will follow whatever trend and do what is fashionable, hate Paris.

So, sorry for writing this much; blame it on thewaymouth and The Exies, hehe! Notice that if you've already read this website, I'm just repeating myself. Today, it's The Exies and a Christian group; tomorrow, it's another band who will embrace irrational hatred. It just never ends, and we can't make our opinion heard. But really, what thewaymouth wrote really hit me because he fully understands how I feel about this whole hate campaign organized by the media, The Exies and other groups. And I also think he really understands what my objectives are with this website.

Believe me, defending Paris Hilton is not an easy task, especially, when 85% of the population are extreme bigots who want to put you down. And I admit, I do feel very sick when I always have to defend her against this sickness. Then again, I also think it's Paris job to prove everyone wrong, but she doesn't want to talk about them. I can also criticize Paris for the big mistakes she did in regards to her album release and this whole DUI and probation issue, but I truly hope that she will come up with more creative work in the future and continue to not let this insanity, which has even infiltrated the judicial system in America, affect her personal life and work.