Paris Hilton's Relationship with Other Celebrities

Paris Hilton's Relationship with Other Celebrities

Paris Hilton has had ups and downs with her relationship with other famous celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan. Sometimes, what you hear about her friendship with these celebrities in the media and read in magazines isn't always correct. Other times, the media and tabloids don't report everything and often, they exaggerate stories. has carefully investigated famous friendships between Paris Hilton and other stars. Here are our reports:

Nicole Richie

Some people made it sound more worse than it was, but the feud between Paris Hilton and her best friend, Nicole Richie isn't really that complicated to understand if you look at the basic facts. Read the rest.

Lindsay Lohan

Indeed, there is a serious feud between Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan behind the scenes, but the media doesn't get most of it. Many harsh words are exchanged between the two whenever they bump into each other. However, the public has also seen pictures and videos of them smiling and chatting with each other at the same time. Read the rest.

Britney Spears

Their short friendship lasted for about a month, and it all started in late Fall 2006.

Right after, Britney Spears divorced Kevin Federline (K-Fed), she was photographed partying and hanging out with Paris. Read the rest

Shanna Moakler

On October 4, 2006, at Hyde nightclub, Shanna Moakler allegedly attacked Paris Hilton by hitting her in the jaw. Shanna reported that Stavros, Paris' ex-boyfriend at that time, poured a drink over her head and shoved her down stairs. Paris said that Shanna came up to her and started shouting profanities against her and then struck her in the jaw. Read the rest.