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    2nd Confirmation: Paris Hilton Is Going To Rwanda In November

    Another Excellent Article By’s Tina Dirmann

    Paris Hilton in Rwanda? Yes, it’s true, and she even knows the country has no resorts or high-end spas…

    In fact, Hilton says it’s all part of her new, postjail commitment to use her celebrity to bring the spotlight to what she feels are important causes around the world.

    “I’ll be going in November, after I get back from filming my movie,” Hilton exclusively tells E! Online.

    As she spoke, Hilton was boarding a plane to film her new role in the horror-musical flick Repo! The Genetic Opera, from Darren Lynn Bousman, director of the immensely popular Saw films.

    “There’s so much need in that area, and I feel like if I go, it will bring more attention to what people can do to help,” Hilton said of the region.

    Wracked by genocide and tribal warfare, Rwanda currently has a life-expectancy rate of just 39 years and and only 41 percent of the population has easy access to safe drinking water, according to the humanitarian group CARE.

    Hilton was originally invited to visit Rwanda by Scott Lazerson, of Playing for Good. Lazerson helped found the organization in 2006 to help high-end business and entertainment personalities become involved in a variety of charities benefiting children and families in need.

    And don’t expect the Rwandan expedition to be Hilton’s last.

    “I want to visit more countries where poverty and children’s issues are a big concern,” the 26-year-old socialite said. “I know there’s a lot of good I can do just by getting involved and bringing attention to these issues.”

    Aside from her do-gooder plans, Hilton told E! Online that that she will also be working on her new Beverly Hills home to make it more “green friendly.”

    “I just bought the house and haven’t been able to work on it yet,” Hilton said. “But I intend to.”

    In the meantime, Hilton will be in Toronto to shoot Repo!, which costars stage siren Sarah Brightman, former Buffy boss Anthony Head, Goodfellas heavy Paul Sorvino and Spy Kids’ Alexa Vega.

    Based on Bousman’s stage musical, Repo! is set in the near future, where an epidemic of organ failures forces people to buy expensive new internal parts on credit. Default results in a painful visit from the nefarious repo men.

    I hope Paris will visit many more African countries. Hopefully she can also visit Canada’s old-growth forests for environment and work on that housing project for inmates. Whatever she does, she must stay committed and make a difference, do something that is going to be effective for the long run. That’s what we often miss.

    Normally this news should be spread everywhere especially since it’s reported by The Associated Press should publish a report about it. Every celebrity blog should post it and praise Paris for doing this (assuming she will). Is this going to happen? Doubt it, but we’ll the result!



    Comment from rachel
    Time: September 25, 2007, 8:57 pm

    I like Paris and don’t think that she needed to change, but, rather simply mature.

    It’s nice for Paris to try to bring attention to issues like African poverty, but how much can she really help? It’s a real question because as much as we like Paris, most of the people and media don’t. She’s a huge celebrity, but, for most people, not a well-liked one. Additionally, the only time she gets much media coverage is if she’s talking about her boyfriends, Nicole’s pregnancy, or what designer clothes she is wearing, etc.

    Seriously, she’s mega-famous. However, most people don’t put much effort/caring into what she’s doing. Her album sales disappointed. She sold like 600,000 copies WORLDWIDE in a year. Kanye West just sold that much in one week in the USA alone. Her movies have gone straight to dvd and I suspect the hottie and the nottie will as well. In the USA, her visit to Spain wasn’t really covered, nor was her trip to Canada. The clips below show that most of the Canadian media didn’t focus on serious issues or her career, but more on what’s she wearing. TMZ’s coverage focused mostly on what bars she went to after the AIDS event. I’m almost positive that if she didn’t take her new Swedish boyfriend to the AIDS benefit on Monday, then that wouldn’t have received any covereage, at all. (All the coverage has been if she’s dating this guy, not on the charity event itself.)

    Maybe she should concentrate on the Children’s Hospital or actually doing charity/volunteer work and not going to charity events? For example, volunteer in a AIDS hospice instead of going to a charity event (“glorified party”) to “raise awareness.”

    It’s good that she’s trying to do something, but will her trip to Africa yield more than a sentence in the media, especially if she doesn’t take a boyfriend or make some other type of gossipy news? That somewhat defeats the purpose of “raising awareness.” Then again, it’s a noble effort, and maybe making her devoted fans, even if there aren’t that many, aware of the plight of Africans is worthwhile. I don’t know. I’m just hoping for the best outcome.

    Comment from admin
    Time: September 25, 2007, 9:11 pm

    Ah, rachel! Another fan who understands me! I completely agree with you.

    But think about it, if Paris spends say one week in Africa, don’t you think the media would talk about it? I mean I know how they will react. A glamorous rich celebrity in Rwanda??? But with time, if Paris is serious and is doing something productive there, I think the mass-media worldwide is going to discuss about it.

    Haters will say she’s doing it for attention, but she’s still there and helping. I think it will gain attention. This is big news even if it’s positive, ’cause it’s positive in a f-ed way.

    About everything else you said, I think if Paris works hard and stay committed to her work, people will start embracing her. Repo! is a perfect step because it will be a very popular movie. She must perform also and be very serious.

    It’ll take some time!

    Comment from rachel
    Time: September 25, 2007, 9:25 pm

    Hopefully, the media will cover it. However, she’s just seen as an “ex-con heiress” or “socialite.” She’s doing a lot of work now for children’s causes, but the media just asks her about lasagna or whether she’ll adopt children. (almost as if she couldn’t find someone to marry her. That seems insulting to me.) Anyway, I hope that you’re right. Even if she’s currently doing it off camera, it’d be nice to know that she’s actually doing charity/volunteer work instead of just raising money or awareness.

    As for her career, she’s got a LOT of work to do to be taken seriously by the general public. Hopefully, she can do it.

    Comment from Dawn
    Time: September 26, 2007, 8:24 am

    Over the last few days, there has been good news coverahge of Paris doing Repo! and going to Africa.

    I try to google Paris Hilton news each morning just to see what comes up.

    Comment from parisfan
    Time: September 26, 2007, 9:25 am

    good news! both the trip and the apparent coverage.

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