Barbara Walters’ Full Interview With Paris Hilton

I thought I should post the full comments’ of Barbara Walters, because the hateful media has been playing tricks by assembling different clips together.

This is what really happened on the View.

Paris Calls Barbara Walters
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Posted: June 11th, 2007
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From: Sabrinia
Time: June 11, 2007, 1:56 pm

I go on a BSB site like I’ve said before and so many of ’em are making fun of her for this, going she won’t change, etc. And it’s not just there either but like on and other sites people are saying similar comments. It just makes me feel so bad for her. People are so jealous and so unwilling to give her a chance. Jail IS a VERY serious thing and it has changed PLENTY of people before. I believe it has changed her. It sucks but I think she could find a cure for cancer, and an end to world hunger and people would STILL find SOMETHING negative to say about her. It’s like she can’t win for losing. People should just shut up and wait to see what happens when she gets out. It’s VERY possible she means every word that she said and does want to change. I’m afraid though she’ll hear the negativity and then give up b/c she may think, “Well why bother? They’re not gonna give me a chance anyways”. But I hope not. I hope she sticks with it.

From: admin
Time: June 11, 2007, 2:06 pm

I think Paris should be more specific when she talks about changing. It’s not clear what she means.

If I were in her shoes, I would reduce my days of partying. I would stop working for other businessmen. I would take my career very seriously and be a true singer and actress.

I mean as I fan, I understand that there certain things she needs to change, but the haters probably see it in a different way.

I’ll make an article about this, but it’s kinda confusing. I really want her to just take her career seriously and just stop wasting her time.

From: Amber
Time: June 20, 2007, 8:10 am

I am really impressed with the comment “I am 26 and acting dumb isn’t cute anymore”..I really hope that this is the real thing, because like she said there are a lot of younger girls that look up to her and she could really make a difference there. I am glad that she found God because he really will help her through all of this and everything else that comes her way!! I WISH THE BEST FOR YOU PARIS!!

From: Taylor
Time: June 20, 2007, 12:35 pm

I think Paris really has changed this time and learned her lesson. I know alot of little girls that do look up to her and I’m so glad that she is deciding to change. Alot of people do hate her just because there jealous or for other reasons but she should just ignore there comments. Keep rocking Paris!