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    Hilarious Video: Paris Hilton Steps Into A Puddle

    TMZ caught the heiress leaving Les Deux last night, where she was swarmed by paps — with the resulting crush causing her to step into a puddle. After someone screamed, “You stepped in sewer pee!” at her, Paris can be heard telling one of her buddies, “Oh my God, I have, like, AIDS.” Nurse!




    Comment from MikeV
    Time: September 17, 2007, 3:18 pm


    lol, P is such a cutie.

    Comment from thewaymouth
    Time: September 21, 2007, 7:35 am

    Unfortunately loser media/bloggers are having a field day with this video. They are claiming that Paris really thinks she could get AIDS from the puddle. When clearly Paris is making an off-the-cuff remark in response to the guy who yelled out that she had stepped in sewer pee.

    She is just being silly — Paris after all plays SILLY, in the group, the Sanasas. Not only is Paris smarter and funnier than people give her any credit for, but because of that fact that they either don’t get it, don’t get her — and I think a lot of them actually do get it but won’t admit it, because they don’t want to admit it, they don’t want to get her, don’t want to give an inch of credit to her for anything — that it all just makes her look so much cooler & smarter & more real than them. Of course, to me she is.

    “I fake it so real I am beyond fake.”
    – Hole

    Comment from thewaymouth
    Time: September 21, 2007, 9:29 am

    PS Despite what everyone says, so cruelly, that she’s like this walking STD slime-ball idiot witch, a reckless monster dragging and spreading her disease everywhere she touches or comes near, an evil stain that’s soiling the world… It is quite obvious that Paris is actually a very clean person. She’s actually my immaculate conception of a star.

    She is amazingly calm, courteous and generous with the media, considering that they swarm all over her all the time. They are the sleaze-bags considering what leeches they are. They praise her all the time so her guard will let down around them in hopes she’ll say or do something that they can exploit and make money off of from making her look bad.

    Here, she’s being pulled along by her friends, and all the lights are flashing in her face. Because of the tight quarters due to the paparazzi, her handlers don’t do a good job and lead her right into the puddle. She didn’t lose her damn footing. So she got caught off-guard and got upset, like anyone would. Even more so someone as neat as she is. Besides, she’s on constant display and so naturally wants to always look her best.

    But then immediately as she venting, the diplomat inside her pops up. She smiles through her anger. Her outrage becomes just another part of the business of showtime, her larger than public life that is her grand performance.

    She’s a class act. She is so funny and sexy, so cool and so misunderstood. No matter what Hilary Duff or anyone else thinks, Paris has dignity. She is damn dignified. She’s a one hell of a lady.

    Life is too short to waste time hating/being jealous. Paris is so sweet, she wouldn’t hurt even a fly. Meanwhile the world wants to swat her down like a bug and pull her wings off, then hold a magnifying glass over her and burn her to death. But inside Paris I see wings beating, a soul firefly, a warm wonderful wonder that shines on and out and through all the world’s dark shit.

    A video like this one that makes people take out all THEIR inner ugliness on HER outer beauty, just shows them up, not her. She is constantly faced with the cold hard bars of people’s pride and prejudices, yet she’s constantly breaking free of them. They are trying to imprison her with their own hellish disappointments with life but she’s too busy trying to find and have a heavenly time. They are trying to pee on her parade, but they can’t catch her.

    No prison can hold Paris. She’s gentle yet determined to have her way. She’s kind but she’s not crazy. She is not stupid. She just keeps it simple. Simply absolutely fabulous. She’s a one in a million dollar talent. A material girl with the most spirit in the material world. She’s Miss City of Lovelight. She’s the Eiffel Tower of Pop Power. “Try and tear me down.” But why? Why try to knock her down when you can’t win, but when you can instead come on along and enjoy the ride?

    Maybe I’m crazy. Or just crazy from her heat. She ultimately reminds me more than anyone, why life is worth celebrating. She reminds me to keep rooting for the underdog, protecting damsels in distress, fighting for truth & justice. To “let love rule” and “jump up, jump up and get down!”

    She IS changing. My princess is becoming my queen.

    Comment from thewaymouth
    Time: September 23, 2007, 10:26 pm

    As I feared/expected, on TV The Best Week Ever ran w/this, too. It was awful. They tried to make her look such an idiot. They said you can’t get AIDS from a puddle. Unless you’re having sex in a puddle. Which of course they said she has probably done.

    So of course I was bummed. But despite everything, I can’t get enough of the tape on its won merits. Other reasons not mentioned above, I love when she stretches to get out of the puddle and only naturally shows some thigh. Hey, I’m a leg man, and she has the most gorgeous pair. Another reason I love her.

    And again, to me this video shows she can be silly, but also quick and funny. Besides the “OMG!” being hilarious, how about the “RUNNING WITH THE BULLS.” Brilliant!

    Unfortunately for her & us she also has to run with the “BS.” Well, keep on outrunning, out-gunning, & out-funning them, baby.

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