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    • Jen: Paris’s song is # 1 on Tik Tok Pop . Congratulations! ” I Blame You” is a very catchy tune.

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    How The Latest News About Paris Hilton’s Music Is Being Reported

    Let’s now concentrate on more serious issues.

    For many of us, the news of a second album from Paris is the biggest news of the year in Paris Hilton’s world. It is THE Paris Hilton news we’ve been waiting for months, even though TMZ still hasn’t reported it and continues to write more garbage articles about her for the entertainment of their hate visitors!

    Now the haters and the media don’t really understand why we’re all excited, and probably they don’t even know that we’ve VERY excited. In fact, I woke up this morning excited!

    It’s now Tuesday morning, and let’s analyse how the media has been reporting the most important news of her career.

    I should mention that the semi-haters at the Associated Press DID NOT report it, even after I personally sent them an email about it. And of course, the major networks such as CNN and CBS posted no articles. Yet, those so-called experts and news anchors in the media always scream “she doesn’t do anything!”

    Those who reported the news were “small” websites such as and bloggers.

    I want to analyse the reports from ContactMusic and other news sites:

    Socialite PARIS HILTON is returning to the studio to record her second album – just a month after she was dropped by Warner Bros. Hilton spent three years recording her self-titled debut album Paris, which hit stores last summer (06) under Warner Bros and the reality TV star’s own label Heiress Records. Last month (Jun07), Warner announced it had no plans to release another album by Hilton after poor sales of Paris. After her debut single Stars Are Blind reached no. 18 on the U.S. Billboard charts, her second single Nothing in This World barely registered on the charts, reaching No. 89 on the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Charts. Her LP vanished after a brief appearance at No. 6 on the Billboard album charts after selling 77,000 copies. Despite poor sales and a negative response from critics, Hilton is determined to keep on singing, saying, “I’m already working on my new record.”

    The person who wrote this article still believes that Paris was dropped by Warner Music, and clearly, he/she is very confused about it. The writer also tries to focus on negative aspects by mentioning that NITW didn’t do well and that the sales of Paris weren’t so good. It is also stated that her debut album received “negative response from critics,” but it actually got mixed responses. Critics are mostly haters and obviously, their views on the album was completely bias and wrong, except for a few.

    A “friend” says Hilton is taking her music seriously, so seriously that she is taking lessons a few times a week. Her first album titled “Paris” only sold about 600,000 copies and did not receive good reviews from critics. However, some speculate this album may sell better because of her recent publicity entering jail.

    I’m not 100% sure about this, but appears to be writing fake news reports about Paris lately. Of course, no one is speculating that the new album may sell better. That’s just an idea that invented. The writer clearly implies that Paris is not serious about music and is hoping that her jail stunt will make her sell more albums, and thus make more money. But you know, that’s total nonsense; Paris takes her music very seriously, as we now know!

    What better news that knowing that, after the huge success of her debut album, Paris Hilton is working on her second music album as you read this !!!
    Paris told E! Online: “I’m already working on my new record.”
    It seems she really serious about this! She’s been working with the producer who helped with her first album, Scott Storch, for sometime now!
    This time, to make sure her album sky-rockets this time around as well … she’s taking voice lessons several times a week. I wonder if that’s going to really help!
    What we don’t seem to get, is that her music is
     a priority … Paris is really serious about it.

    This is the most laughable article. Actually, is a terminally Paris Hilton hate site. There’s so many interesting analysis about this one because it is so blatantly hateful.

    The writer is saying that Paris shouldn’t make a second album because the first one did poor in sales. Yes! Don’t become successful Paris! Don’t try hard! We don’t want you to succeed! You will never become the “greatest singer” so don’t try! Blah Blah Blah. But that’s the message. It’s the sort of message expressed by most haters indirectly.

    What we don’t seem to get, is that her music is a priority … Paris is really serious about it.

    We’ve been screaming at Paris for months and asking her to take her music career seriously, and yet, a hate site like pops up and says “why the hell is Paris serious about music?”


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