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    Larry King Talks About Paris Hilton And Her Jail Sentence On His Show

    Larry King… What would one say about him? You know what I would say. Larry is a bit ignorant when it comes to Paris Hilton. He’s very much the type of person who would refuse to believe that Paris has anything to offer, and misunderstands a lot of things about her. However, in most cases, he’s a reasonable guy.

    Yesturday night, he discussed about Paris Hilton’s jail sentence with a couple of guests who knew Paris quite well. It was a very informative talk, except for one guest who made a false statement. I’ll let you know what it was.

    You can now read the transcript. I strongly suggest you do. This comes from

    Full Transcript “CNN LARRY KING LIVE – Will Paris Hilton Go To Jail?

    If you don’t want to read the whole transcript, I’ve posted the most interesting aspects here. One of things that everyone is agreeing on is that Paris will become bigger than ever. And you know, no matter how ignorant the media, the experts and people are now, Paris will gain more fans and she could possibly become a bigger role model, something that everyone will agree on. This is an opportunity.

    As for us, the fans, we will finally be able to see more of Paris instead of dead-boring celebrities (just my opinion). This means and I strongly hope a second music album. And I truly hope that this time she will do the right decisions and finally, become a true artist.

    Ok, here are the juicy parts of the transcript.

    Why Paris Hilton won’t get a fair punishement

    The problem is — the real problem is, is she’s going to be — Howard is completely correct in that she will be discriminated against.

    She, in this sense — normally, and I’ve had clients within the last two weeks where lawyers in my office have admitted a probation violation. They’ve been sentenced to 10 — anywhere from 10 to 45 days.

    One of my lawyers tells me that just this week, somebody who was sentenced to 45 days, just similar to her, was released in less than 24 hours because of the overcrowding.

    So, that’s not going to happen to her, because everybody is going to be paying attention.

    But if she was — if this was Joe Hilton, as opposed to Paris Hilton, she could fully expect to be released and — due to the overcrowding.

    KING: Are you saying you think if she goes, she’ll do 45 days?

    GERAGOS: I think — no, because with credits, the most they can keep her is 30. She — if they’re going to be fair about it — and this sheriff is, you know, Sheriff Bach is a pretty fair guy…

    Paris Hilton will be harassed constantly in prison

    However, because she’s Paris Hilton, she is going to be harassed every single solitary moment.

    KING: By whom?

    GIBSON: By every inmate in there. They’re going to want to know everything about her, who she knows. They’re going to be talking at her constantly. She will not have a moment’s peace.

    Why 45 days is not unreasonable according to Hatchett, a judge

    HATCHETT: I do agree with the sentencing. Everybody says oh my goodness, it was one violation. But you have to follow the timetable, Larry.

    This happened back in September of ’06. She was arrested on a dui. And at that time, the statute says that she could have been sent to jail at that point for a period of not less than five days and not more than 90 days.

    But she got a pass. Eventually, in January — the system works slowly — she was put on probation. But her license was revoked in November.

    And so then she gets stopped January 15th. She gets stopped about February 27th.

    And so it’s not just this one situation that she’s going to serve time with. I don’t think the 45 days is unreasonable in this situation.

    Paris Hilton will be treated worse for obvious reasons

    GERAGOS: Yes. And Richard is — Richard Hutton is the dean of the dui lawyers in Los Angeles. So Richard clearly knows what he’s doing.

    She is going to be treated worse, however, and is being treated worse. If it wasn’t her, you would be able to continue there is case a number of times. You’d find a much softer place to land.

    Paris Hilton is getting advices for jail time

    WOODCOCK: You know what, Larry?

    I do. Right now, Paris is preparing for this experience and she’s actually been in contact with Patty Hearst.

    KING: Who has done time?

    WOODCOCK: Yes, she has. And she is giving her advice and tips. And it’s actually comforting Paris. And right now, she’s working out twice a day — Paris. And she’s actually trying to do some therapeutic artwork — collages with her animals. So she’s basically preparing for this experience of jail time.

    Paris Hilton will release a book about her jail time after she’s out (a great opportunity for her to become a better person)

    GIBSON: Absolutely. She’ll write another book about her time in jail.

    KING: Even if it’s three hours?

    GIBSON: Correct.

    KING: My three hours in jail.

    GIBSON: Her one hour — her one hour incarcerated. It will likely be a best seller.

    KING: Did jail change you?

    GIBSON: It is a very humbling experience and, yes, it is a real reality check.

    Paris Hilton’s fame will only grow bigger (great news for her fans who are expecting a lot from her)

    MIN: Paris will be bigger than ever when she comes out of jail. Let’s remember, Paris’ brand is trouble. The thing that really put her on the map to all of America was a sex tape that she ended up embracing and ended up actually making money off of herself.

    You know, no matter — scandal never seems to taint Paris. She was caught on camera using the “N” word. She gets into terrible feuds and fights with all of young Hollywood. Her sidekick is stolen, embarrassing e-mails revealed.

    Nothing ever seems to slow Paris down. And, let’s face it, the reason we’re even talking about Paris right now is that people really like to watch people they don’t like as much as they like to watch people they do like.

    The public will embrace Paris Hilton

    The amazing thing about Paris, when I’ve met her several times, she’s the most incredibly charming person you could ever meet. She’s so lovely. When you see her work with the press and fans, she’ll stay on a red carpet and sign — sign autographs for fans for hours and hours and hours.

    She’s an interesting contradiction. And for that reason, I think the public will be willing to embrace her in — in her — in whatever capacity down the road.

    Kathy and Rick Hilton are hoping for the best

    KING: Cheryl, do her parents believe that after all of this, she’s going to change?

    WOODCOCK: You know what?

    They are certainly hoping that. They also do feel that this punishment is awfully extreme. But they’re hoping that it will turn into something positive, then, perhaps, Paris could become a role model and something really good could come out of this.

    How long will Paris Hilton serve?

    KING: Off the top, Cheryl, how many days you think she’ll serve?

    WOODCOCK: Off the top, I’m hoping a few hours.

    KING: Janice?

    MIN: I think it will end up probably being around 20 days. She’ll end up on good behavior, get her sentence reduced. But I think she will end up in there for at least a few weeks.

    HATCHETT: I think at least half.

    GERAGOS: Twelve hours.

    GIBSON: I would say a couple of weeks. Two or three weeks.

    KING: Thank you all very much.


    Paris Hilton “famous for nothing”?

    DUNNE: …she earns a lot of money, you know. That’s the thing. She earns something like $7 million to $10 million a year just by going to these openings and these parties. She charges for that. And she is…

    KING: But what does she do?

    DUNNE: Nothing.

    KING: So she’s famous for nothing?

    DUNNE: Nothing, that’s right. And you wonder, she’s 26, now when she gets to be 30, is this going to still work? I don’t think so.

    Wrong, Dunne. Paris Hilton has starred in movies, TV shows and already has a wonderful music album. I don’t care if the public doesn’t want to see it this way, but it’s the truth. She also travels around the world to build her brand.

    And we, the fans, are fans of her because of these achievements.

    Full Transcript “CNN LARRY KING LIVE – Will Paris Hilton Go To Jail?


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