Manhattan Rallies For “Free Paris Hilton”

New York City isn’t losing any sleep over Paris Hilton’s impending incarceration.

“Free Paris Hilton” rallies in two Manhattan locations Thursday had a combined turnout of roughly eight participants, a throng of journalists, and a Paris double.

Despite the lack of supporters, the event’s lead organizer said he’s not disappointed.

“Although the physical turnout wasn’t huge today, the online support has been tremendous,” said David Seaman, the lead organizer of “Free Paris Hilton Now.”

Hilton, 26, was sentenced to 45 days in prison for violating her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case. But she is expected to spend less than half that time in a California women’s jail, where she must report by June 5.

Seaman said the rally had been planned for Washington Square Park, but he switched the location to Crosby and Prince streets when he realized New York University was holding its graduation at the park.

“I didn’t want to steal any thunder from the NYU commencement,” Seaman explained.

Two of the three attendees at the Washington Square Park location said they showed up hoping for a “freak show.”

“We’re here for many reasons but none of them have anything to do with Paris Hilton,” artist Chris Weller, 44, said. “We really came to watch from afar, we didn’t know we’d be the rally.”

Performance artist Gregory Moore, also 44, agreed: “I think the turnout kind of speaks for itself. It’s kind of a joke that she thinks she’s above the law.”

Event organizer Seaman said the media turnout, which included a camera crew from Access Hollywood at one location, was “out of control,” especially since he created the Web site ( announcing the event in about 20 minutes.

“Is this really the most important thing going on right now?” Seaman questioned, before adding that he was quite serious about protesting Hilton’s jail sentence.

“You shouldn’t ever spend 45 days in jail for driving on a suspended license,” Seaman said.

This campaign has badly been misnamed “Free Paris.” It should now be:

“Fair Punishement For Paris”

And I’m sorry to say but Paris’ fans are a terribly disorganized bunch. It’s all ridiculous.

Posted: May 12th, 2007
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