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    Natalie Reid will make an appearance on My BFF 2

    Natalie Reid, the Paris Hilton lookalike, revealed that she will make an appearance on Paris Hilton’s My New BFF 2. Hrm, hrm! Natalie is always nice to Paris, but I’ve seen videos of her making fun of Paris! Oh, well.

    As a bonus, here’s the shocking video of Paris and Kathy Griffin walking and shopping together while filming the latter’s TV show.



    Comment from Benji
    Time: March 26, 2009, 8:52 pm

    YAY!! I love Natalie! She’s so funny & cool, I’m glad Paris is brigining her on BFF, she was hilarious on Simple Life 4! 😀

    Comment from admin
    Time: March 26, 2009, 9:04 pm

    I also like Natalie! She’s a very “chill” type of person. Someone that you can hang out with and have some silly fun time lol.

    But I remember a little sketch she did, in which she was making fun of Paris, and I remember not liking it!

    Comment from Charlie N
    Time: March 27, 2009, 12:02 am

    The author of the book “Paris Hilton: Life On The Edge” had a lot of harsh things to say regarding Natalie Reid and celebrity impersonators. The author referred to them as “the ultimate stalkers” and wrote that a great deal of money is spent on Attorneys to keep these people in their place.

    Natalie actually gave me a voice comment on my voice comment recorder on my MySpace page. She was sweet for a while, but yes, Admin is correct, I saw similar videos of her making fun of Paris too. If Paris knows about it and laughs along side with it, then cool, but if she does not know about it or hates that, and she pretends to be nice to Paris like a friend would, well, I have a problem with people who have several faces but only one head.

    I had to laugh watching that video, Natalie saying she wanted to do other stuff, when she as an impersonator forced herself into the ultimate typecast. 🙂 She is originally from Winterpeg Manatoilet, Canada. Winnipeg is truly a shit-hole and I can’t blame her for leaving it, I have had several sparring partners from there who tell me how bad it is there, but I have only flown over it, myself.

    I helped her set up her own voice comment recorder, but she decided against it because after a while, she just got bombarded with so many hate messages. Too bad because it was meant as something fun and nice, but people tend to be…. disappointing.

    Comment from Django
    Time: March 27, 2009, 3:28 am

    Would anyone even know who this Natalie person was if it wasn’t for that Simple Life episode or her being a Paris impersonator (I certainly wouldn’t mistake the two of them – that’s the hilarious part!)? I didn’t see any kind of personality or talent on display in that episode and she probably owes any fame she has to Paris and shouldn’t be making a fool of her. Zero respect or interest from me.

    Comment from Sabrinia
    Time: March 27, 2009, 4:55 am

    Both of these moves (Paris having Natalie on her show, and then Paris being on Kathy’s show) are two things I dislike and completely disagree with. I can’t stand and really dislike both Natalie and Kathy.

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