Paris Hilton Comes Out After POSSIBLE “Violating Probation”

TMZ is continuing to report false information about Paris Hilton’s recent incident. Unfortunately, they’ve found a bias writer at the moment penning down every line with assumptions. They are reporting that Paris Hilton has violated her probation when in fact, it has not been confirmed.

Paris Hilton, a day after this incident, was filmed emerging from a West Hollywood medical building and directly went to inside a Range Rover. I’m not sure it was her’s or Nicky’s. She wasn’t driving; it’s was probably Nicky.

There was once again a swarm of paparazzi who asked her questions about what happened, but she refused to open her mouth.

Check out the video here, and here’s TMZ’s report.

One day after violating probation and having her Bentley impounded for driving with a suspended license, Paris Hilton emerged from a West Hollywood medical building, with her cell phone implanted safely at her ear.

The heiress barely batted an eyelash when a swarm of paparazzi surrounded her as she made her way to a waiting Range Rover. Luckily, Paris rode shotgun this time … and no authorities were needed.

Posted: February 28th, 2007
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