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    Paris Hilton: “I Did Have A Choice To Go To A Pay Jail”

    Paris Hilton expressed fear about her upcoming jail sentence while making a surprise visit to the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, saying she was “scared” but ready to do the time.

    “I am trying to be strong right now,” Paris said of her jail time set to begin Tuesday. “I’m really scared but I’m ready to face my sentence.”

    Hilton was ordered to serve approximately three-week sentence for violating her probation in an alcohol-related reckless driving case.

    “I did have a choice to go to a pay jail,” said Hilton, without giving details. “But I declined because I feel like the media portrays me in a way that I’m not and that’s why I wanted to go to county, to show that I can do it and I’m going to be treated like everyone else. I’m going to do the time, I’m going to do it the right way.”

    Hilton said her family, friends and fans have helped her prepare for her time behind bars.

    “I’ve received thousands of letters from around the world of support and it’s really been inspirational and really helped me,” she said. “I’m really scared but I’m ready to do this. And I hope that I’m an example to other young people.”

    Hilton said the jail sentence had forced her to reflect, though she did not offer many details.

    “Even these past couple weeks, it’s completely changed my life,” she said. “Even though it’s a scary thing I’m using it in a positive way and when I come out, I can’t wait to start my new life and be even stronger than I am now.

    Though the sentence was set to begin Tuesday, Hilton could show up anytime before that. She did not tell reporters when that may be.

    Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore said a statement would be issued after the hotel heiress was incarcerated.

    A call to Hilton’s attorney, Howard Weitzman, was not immediately returned Sunday. Her publicist, Elliot Mintz, was reached by e-mail and declined comment.

    At the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, the prospect of Hilton’s arrival was on the minds of some at the 2,200-bed facility.

    Susannah Johnson, who was released Saturday after a one-day stay at the jail, said many inmates were angry at Hilton, believing officials were making room for the starlet at the expense of others in crowded conditions.

    “The only advice I could give her when she comes is to shut her mouth and do the time,” said Johnson, 35.

    Though a judge sentenced her to 45 days behind bars, Hilton is expected to serve only 23 days because of a state law that requires shorter sentences for good behavior.

    Once she arrives, the “Simple Life” star will be housed in the jail’s “special needs” unit.


    Excellent comments by Paris Hilton!!!



    Comment from Trevor
    Time: June 3, 2007, 6:55 pm

    The second one in bold just made my day. Paris is such a great person.

    Comment from admin
    Time: June 3, 2007, 6:56 pm

    That’s a good slam at the media. God, I love Paris Hilton. She’s really smart!

    Comment from Trevor
    Time: June 3, 2007, 6:57 pm

    She really is! People don’t realize it. That comment by her pretty much made me 100% sure that she is such a great person.

    Comment from Sabrinia
    Time: June 3, 2007, 7:01 pm

    Things like that are EXACTLY why I’m such a HUGE Paris Hilton fan. She’s so great! She could’ve EASILY taken the easy route and went to a nice pay to stay jail where you get hot meals and it’s a LOT better than county jail but she chose to not do that. OMG I am so proud of her. This just made me gain even more respect for her if that were even possible.

    Comment from kevin
    Time: June 3, 2007, 8:37 pm

    I just saw Paris say this and she’s really changed her image over the past years. She dress’ so nice now and she’s not that old party girl the media makes her out to be. She’s a really changed person for the better now. Paris is really my hero, FUCK SARAH SILVERMAN! That bitch was so rude to Paris!

    Comment from Mike
    Time: June 4, 2007, 1:06 am

    Paris is a brave, strong, and brilliant individual. This just really brings it out of her.

    As for tonight’s incident…Stupid Sarah Silverman, you don’t kick a person who’s trying to get up. Paris is doing everything she can do come out of this a better person; it’s not classy to take jabs at her during this time in her life.

    Comment from Sabrinia
    Time: June 4, 2007, 10:32 am

    I go on this BSB site b/c I’m a BSB fan and anyways of course all of them are going, “She never had that option”, “She’s just saying that to make herself look good”, etc. Ugh! It drives me crazy. I think Paris would know her sentence a LOT better than a reporter or those BSB fans EVER would. I hate how people are so quick to disbelieve something just b/c OMG it may paint Paris in a positive light 🙁

    Comment from admin
    Time: June 4, 2007, 10:38 am

    That’s not a surprise. They always come up with excuses, especially the “hardcore” haters. It’s because they’re jealous of her and want to portray her in a negative way. Paris is 10x better than those haters who would have never done what she did. Either way, if it were a false statement, the media would be have to report it, but they didn’t.

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