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    Paris Hilton launches the “Songs for Soldiers” program

    Last Thursday, a headline about Paris Hilton was posted on International’s homepage. It was linked to this article. Paris was the Connector of the day, and she also appeared on CNN TV. She recently launched a program “Songs for Soldiers” that will deliver new MP3 players to US soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to research, music is a major stress reliever for the US army.

    Reported by FOX News

    More than one hundred uniformed U.S sailors are getting ready to party with Paris Hilton during New York’s Fleet Week ahead of the Memorial Day weekend, as Pop Tarts has exclusively learned that the hotel heiress has taken on the role of official “celebrity ambassador” for the USO’s new initiative, “Song For Soldiers.”

    “I’m always looking for ways I can use my voice as a celebrity and I think there is nothing more worthwhile and patriotic than supporting our troops. When I first heard about the Songs for Soldiers initiative it immediately touched my heart,” Hilton told Pop Tarts. “It’s so easy to take for granted our freedom and happiness and forget about those who are endangering their lives every day to make it possible. Songs for Soldiers is a simple way to show you care.”

    With 180,000 troops currently deployed, the goal of the new program is to give a new MP3 player to every single active duty service member in Iraq and Afghanistan after a research study by the City University of New York concluded that music is one of the most prominent stress relievers for U.S. service men and women. Each player will be pre-loaded with songs from a variety of artists who have donated their music to this effort. Furthermore, the USO Songs for Soldiers MP3 players, created by FlatFlash Duo, can also store pictures, video and documents, fitting easily into a wallet or small pocket.

    Hilton will launch the program and lead the way this Wednesday night at “A Swingin’ Salute” To Our Troops bash, complete with 40’s classic swing dancing. However it seems the 29-year-old plans to swing a lot further in the coming months.

    “I would love to visit our troops! I hope that once we meet this goal I can personally be a part of the trip overseas to deliver these players into the hands of the troops. I would find that very rewarding, it is something I have always wanted to do,” she said.

    And the Songs for Soldiers creator, Tom Wiggins, is beyond excited to have the Hollywood socialite/reality star/entrepreneur on-board.

    “Paris continues a long standing tradition of female A-list stars supporting initiatives for our troops a la Betty Grable, Lena Horne, Dinah Shore and, of course, Marilyn Monroe,” he told us. “But more than that, she is a trend setter who can lead a young generation of patriots toward new ways to support our Troops.”

    However, Hilton wants to make one thing clear: she isn’t trying to take sides or express any political views by becoming involved in Songs for Soldiers.

    “(The biggest misconception) people probably have of me is that I don’t work hard and spend all my time partying! Obviously I like to have fun like anyone my age does, but I also feel very passionate about our country and so I’m proud to be a part of this worthy cause,” Hilton added. “What’s great about the program is that it’s not about whether or not you support war, it’s about being thankful and showing we care to those who risk their lives. I’m not looking to make a political statement with this cause, but instead send a message of love and hope to those on the front line.”

    Anyone wishing to attend Wednesday’s event can purchase tickets online at You can also buy the MP3 players for the troops at the same website.



    Comment from admin
    Time: May 29, 2010, 8:18 pm

    They say that the soldiers are fighting for freedom and democracy, but this is not true. America’s freedom was never threatened by Saddam or Osama, contrary to what Obama or Bush would want you to believe. They only care what we do in their part of the world. The soldiers risk their lives for the sake of maintaining unjust US policies in the ME. Sadly, that’s the truth, in my opinion!

    Comment from Benji
    Time: May 30, 2010, 7:01 am

    I wouldve preferred a new song or a performance for this cause. :/

    Comment from scot
    Time: May 30, 2010, 10:23 pm

    That’s what the saddest thing about it all is. You’ve got soldiers from all over the world the, (the us, uk, australia etc) fighting a completely unneccesary fight. People on both sides lose their lives for no reason.

    The politics of it all is just so awful and the truth is incredibly heart breaking. And something so tiny like this cause that Paris is supporting would mean so much. When my brother did time there, he said music was his escape, his ipod was one of his most cherished items over there.

    I must admit, if Paris does go there, I’m going to be quite nervous.

    Comment from JWB
    Time: May 31, 2010, 6:55 am

    Paris Hilton in a war zone, greeting and talking to our brave soldiers, would be very worthwhile. The western media would go CRAZY! I SALUTE our SOLDIERS. JWB.

    Comment from Jen
    Time: June 2, 2010, 9:55 pm

    Congratulations to Paris for going over the 2 million followers mark today.

    WaY To go Paris!!!!

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