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    Paris Hilton News Crushed By Barron

    Well, obviously, Paris Hilton’s brother Barron dominated her sister’s daily news.

    Entertainment writers were busy today reporting about Barron’s arrest for driving under the influence and causing problems. Of course, the haters, too, jumped off their bed and started doing their work. One paparazzi had the opportunity to ask Paris for her comments: “I am sad for my little brother. I hear he is doing OK. I am there for him and will be speaking to him in an hour or so, hopefully, to lend my support.”

    By the way, a few websites were still commenting about the Hottie and the Nottie. And they were saying that Paris’ movie career is now over. But these same “sources” probably haven’t even heard about Repo!

    For example, one “source” claims: “After her attempts at being a pop star failed, she really wanted to be a proper actress. It’s hard to see how any studio or director will touch her after this.” That’s just empty talk.

    We’ve already figured out the real reason why the movie flopped. The question is: Does Paris understand what the problem is?



    Comment from Dawn
    Time: February 12, 2008, 6:12 pm

    Paris did not do anything, it was her brother that got pulled over. Haters don’t seem to see the difference.

    Being 18 and coming home half drunk in the early morning hours is not that unusual for a young man in California. Hopefully, he learned his his lesson,though.
    When you drink don’t get behind the wheel.

    Comment from Sabrinia
    Time: February 12, 2008, 6:36 pm

    I agree with you Dawn. People are making such a big fuss about this, blasting Paris as well as the Hiltons, calling them trash, etc. Getting drunk is something a lot of teens do. I am not by any means condoning what he did. It was a mistake and I hope he’s learned his lesson and won’t be repeating it.

    Comment from david
    Time: February 12, 2008, 7:02 pm

    .14 is not half drunk. If he registered that after a night out, then he had some prescription drug abuse, which is not unusual with the Hllywd crowd or illegal drug use to help him continue into the morning. if he woke up early and starting drinking enough to register .14 at 8 am, then that’s pretty serious, also. Either way, he should get some help.

    Comment from kevin
    Time: February 12, 2008, 8:32 pm

    I’m really sad for Hottie. I guess this means it’s not coming to Washington. Oh well I won’t download it now, I’ll deff go out and buy the DVD.

    Is this even coming out to DVD? Gahh, Paris should do more roles like on Repo! where she is supported by a lot of other big actress’ and actors.

    When she comes out with a second album, are people going to even buy it? I mean it has to be SUPER good for people to buy it, I’m a huge fan but what can I do? Like buy 2-3 copies? Well Blackout was a good CD but people HATE Britney and it’s sold 1.7 million copies. Then again she does have her OLD fans who will buy ANYTHING she puts out. Gahh I’m just rambling on.

    Comment from juju
    Time: February 12, 2008, 8:54 pm

    Woah, davvid.

    Hold on a minute. Leaping to the conclusion that drug abuse of any sort is involved is out of bounds. As an attorney, you should know better than to do that.

    WE don’t know the whole story yet. but even the preliminary media reports say a few things that conttradict your conclusion.

    First, he went out in the middle of the night at the behest of an ex-girlfirend. Further, when the truck was supposedly hit she was behind the wheel. after the men in the truck began chasing them, barron took the wheel and ended up at the gas station. there is still a lot of investigating to be done, adn god only knows if the police will refrain from bias against the hiltons. afterall they were biased against Paris.

    god only knows what the truth is here. Last thing the Hilton family needs is another media circus and a child heading into court under a presumption of guilt rather than a presumption of innocence. look how well that turned out last time in paris’ case.

    This family is under seige and needs the support, from good decent and calm thinking people now more than ever. we still don’t know the extent of trauma to the whole family after that fiasco last summer, barron could still be suffering from that. let’s wait before we rush to judgement. There will be plenty of other hyenas doing that.

    let’s not forget, celebrities are people too.

    Comment from Dawn
    Time: February 12, 2008, 9:23 pm

    I don’t get this either, David. What the hell are you talking about?
    Barron drove home with his girlfriend from some party and popped wheelies in a gas station, being obviously drunk. No one mentioned prescription drug abuse.

    It’s Barron’s first offense and he’ll have to take the courses.
    Well, ast least we know he’s not gay (not that there is anything wrong with it LOL). But I rolled through various sites today and some haters wrote. Barron is gay.

    Man, haters are just sickening and it must be hard for an 18year old kid. Wonder if Barron got the Benz for Xmas or for his birthday.

    Comment from Dawn
    Time: February 12, 2008, 9:35 pm

    I have to agree with David and the rest of you though, Barron should NOT be drinking and driving. 0.14 is too much of a good thing.
    If he wants to get smashed he needs to do it at home or get a driver to take him home.

    Comment from david
    Time: February 12, 2008, 9:55 pm

    I should have left open some other possibilities, but circumstances, with a bit of deduction, may also allow you to draw PRELIMINARY conclusions/assumptions. That’s the basis of any case, civil or criminal, and often the starting point for the investigation thereof.

    If you blow a .14 at 8 am then there’s only three possibilities. One, he was drinking all night. If he has built the blood alcohol endurance to drink all night and then come down to .14, then that’s a sign of prolonged alcohol abuse. If his body has not built up that tolerance level, then some sort of stimulant, prescription or illegal, had to be involved. (I doubt they would have tested for prescription drugs) Therefore, he either has a long term alcohol issue or took some stimulants to endure that type of drinking. If he had gotten popped at about 1 or 2 in the morning, then more possibilities enter the equation, but for a person who measured over 6′ tall and weighed just over 140 to blow a .14 at 8 am means he has a massively high blood alcohol tolerance level (long term issue) or he had some stimulants. That’s just biology.

    The other alternative was that he got up at ,what, 4 or 5 in the morning and started taking shots. That’s also an obvious problem.

    The point is that if you blow .14 at 8 am in the morning, then there’s an issue, whether you were being chased or not. The witnesses allegedly said that he could barely speak. Thankfully, the gas station attendant wasn’t hurt. Over 14,000 people die each year in America due to drunk driving. That’s about 3-4 times more than soldiers that have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s a serious issue. I don’t care if he was being chased or not. The blood alcohol level and the time of the morning indicate, that the guy needs help.

    (well, i’ve procrastinated enough and have to get back to work, but the circumstances indicate that whatever preceded him taking the wheel at that state of intox. means he has a problem.)

    Comment from david
    Time: February 12, 2008, 10:00 pm

    Also, juju, I know what you mean, celebrities are people, but so was the guy that he hit. And, as stated so are the 14000 people /year who die because of drunk drivers, whether the drivers are Hiltons, celebrities, attys, bus drivers, teachers, etc.

    I know what you mean and I’m not trying to pile on the family, but I think that the concerns should be with the guy that got hit and getting Barron some help. (Especially considering what happened to his sister, you would think that would temper his decision even more.)

    Comment from david
    Time: February 12, 2008, 10:20 pm

    Really, really the last one.

    I guess it just bugs me a bit that the concern seems to be for the guy who hit somebody while he was driving drunk. I have sympathy for all involved, who wants to go through that, but the bulk of my sympathy is not with an 18 yr old with an alleged .14 at 8 am. I do hope that Barron gets help.

    here’s a report that doesn’t seem to indicate that the driver of the truck was at fault. It seems to rely on the police report.

    “After spending the better part of the day behind bars since being booked on suspicion of driving under the influence Tuesday morning, Barron Hilton posted $20,000 bail at around 5:45 p.m.

    A group of friends put up the amount through a bail bondsman after the Hilton family appeared content to let him spend the night in jail, as reported earlier by E! Online Senior Editor Marc Malkin.

    Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Officer Steve Whitmore said Hilton’s bail was upped to $20,000 from the previous $5,000 because he is now facing an additional felony charge of possessing a forged California driver’s license in addition to misdemeanor DUI.

    The third of Kathy and Rick Hilton’s four offspring has been ordered to appear Apr. 14 at the Malibu courthouse.

    And Hilton’s rap sheet could get meatier still if charges are filed in connection to the smashup the hotel heir was involved in shortly before his arrest.

    Not long before Paris Hilton’s 18-year-old brother was arrested, witnesses saw his black Mercedes E350—with an unidentified woman at the wheel—sideswipe a grey Ford Ranger pickup truck on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu and continue on its merry way.

    The other vehicle’s presumably peeved driver followed Hilton, who at some point returned to the driver’s seat, and his cruising partner to a gas station on PCH, where authorities eventually caught up with them—although not before, according to eyewitness accounts, Hilton had a run-in with a station employee’s leg.

    Per the L.A. County Sheriff’s report summing up Hilton’s arrest at 8:05 a.m. for alleged DUI, the California Highway Patrol was investigating a possible collision that occurred while the unnamed woman was driving.

    CHP Public Information Officer Leon Hines said the Mercedes bumped into the Ford at 6:10 a.m. while heading north on PCH just above Sunset Boulevard.

    The driver of the Ford continued to follow the Mercedes to Coral Canyon at PCH, and that’s where CHP responded to the call and began the preliminary collision report, Hines said. Neither of the drivers involved appeared to be under the influence.

    As for the man whose leg got in the way of Hilton’s car, he told the New York Post and TMZ that, after the impact knocked him over, leaving him with some bruises, two men jumped out of a Ford with a dented left side and grabbed the keys out of the Mercedes to prevent the car’s occupants from driving away again.

    The driver of the truck had called the police en route to the gas station, and he had Hilton wait it out on a bus bench until authorities arrived.

    Hilton, who blew a 0.14 percent on a Breathalyzer test and was found to be carrying a fake ID, was booked into custody at the Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station at 8:35 a.m.”

    Comment from juju
    Time: February 13, 2008, 12:13 am


    what you posted is from tmz and e!news. hardly noted for their accuracy.

    and based on biology, a guy of barron’s stature could blow .14 if he drank 4-6 shots in an hour or so and was breath tested right after. I’m not excusing his behavior, but your conclusions that a stimulant had to be involved or that one could only reach .14 after drinking all night is not completely accurate. again, one could blow that if you drank a lot in a short period of time and were tested not too soon that after like i said.

    I am not surprised at the apparent reluctance for rick and kathy not to send someone for him right away, but i really think they will not abandon their son. if he needs help, so be it. i’m sure they will get it for him. but, not everyone who drinks this much is an alcoholic. it could just be a spate of teenage binge drinking. he could also be self-medicating, again, the trauma the family was put through last year affects everybody. the younger siblings potentially even more than paris.

    in any event, yes i agree drunk-drivng is serious for all the reasons you state. my only point is we don’t know the whole story yet. it seems he did have a driver – the girl – until she presumably hit those other guys and then left the seen. with a bal of .14, barron, especially if he has a low tolerance for alcohol, would hardly know what was happening. he could have woken up to find two big guys chasing his girl friend and was in his mind then just trying to escape harm. he may not have been aware of the prior accident. who knows what she told him.

    thankfully the accident seems minor and even the gas station guy by his own words is not seriously hurt. although i’m sure now that he knows who the kid was, many more injuries beyond the minor bruises will quickly be claimed.

    bottomline don’t rush to judgment.

    Comment from Dawn
    Time: February 13, 2008, 5:41 am

    While I understand the pharmacoepidemiology of potential alcohol-drug interactions, there is nothing to indicate that this is the case in the Barron Hilton incident.

    The police already said they found no drugs.

    I’d be interested to learn what the girl’s alcohol content was, since she was driving when sideswiping the pickup.

    In typical tabloid fashion, all we hear about is Barron Hilton. But what about the GF?

    If we’re going to jump to some conclusions, it seems the couple both were drunk .

    As to the fake ID, a lot of teens have them and use them here in California.
    Trying to make a federal case out of this is just nuts.

    Also, the Hiltons did the right thing by letting Barron sit in jail for a while. Hopefully, it taught him a lesson.

    Comment from admin
    Time: February 13, 2008, 10:38 am


    Britney Spears has a very strong and loyal fan base. And she is well known as a singer.

    I think, with the failure of Hottie, it’s obvious that if she releases another album, it won’t do well. Her first album didn’t very well either.

    So! Repo! is one project that needs to do well, so that the public can start accepting her as a singer and actress.

    Once again, it is now 99% obvious that no matter how good her music and movies are, they won’t do well. Repo! is different because she’s surrounded by big stars. I think Paris needs to understand this. Fame won’t always help her projects.

    Comment from Dawn
    Time: February 13, 2008, 11:59 am

    Maybe not in the US but this country is on the decline while other countries are ascending.
    Misapplied religion is doing US in.

    Comment from Kevin
    Time: February 13, 2008, 7:03 pm

    Music and movies are in such a bad state in the US. I wish people would just buy CDs like the old Back Street Boys and Britney days. Now people dont even bother to buy a CD. I buy CDs for all artists I like, no cause I need the music, just to help the sales.

    Paris is going to release another album though, no worry about that. But is it going to do bad and be her last? But good thing Asia loves her, they buy her albums and stuff.

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