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    Paris Hilton Is NOT Crying; She’s Doing Quite Fine In Jail

    I suspected that someone is lying about Paris’ condition in jail due to conflicting reports in the media, especially by TMZ. TMZ in fact doesn’t always report the truth, even though they tend to get all the latest.

    So thanks to visitor, Sabrinia who pointed out this exclusive article by E!

    Paris is bored, cold and a bit fearful of her fellow inmates, but otherwise tells her family she is coping just fine behind bars, according to family and friends who have talked to E! Online exclusively.

    “She is doing much better,” Kyle Richards, Paris’ aunt, says in an interview. “So much better than the first day! That was tough, sure. But she’s been able to call home, she’s talked to her mom [Kathy] and to her sister, Nicky. And she says she’s doing well. Surprisingly well!”

    Kathy Hilton disputes reports that Paris continues to be upset and crying while in jail. In fact, Paris has even begun telling relatives how impressed she’s been with how kind jail staffers have been to her, even supplying her with extra blankets when she mentioned how cold she was in her cell. And though she is alone 23 hours a day, when she does cross paths with other inmates during her times out for exercise or to make calls once a day, nothing bad has happened to her.

    Friends say that was Paris’ biggest fear, mostly because she heard reports before she entered the facility of some inmates hoping to harm her if they got the chance. But so far, nobody has bothered her.

    “When she walks the halls, in fact, they call out to her, ‘Hey, Paris! How’s it going? Paris! Paris!’ They’ve been really nice to her,” says Richards.

    In fact, Paris’ biggest battle at the moment is not fighting fellow inmates—it’s battling boredom.

    “She’s just sitting in there for 23 hours a day with nothing to do,” her aunt says. “She picked out a bunch of books to take with her, but at the last minute she found out they wouldn’t let her take the books in with her. They wouldn’t let her take anything.”

    Jail staffers told Paris that due to security concerns, no inmates are allowed to bring personal items into the jail with them. She can, however, order books from stores online and have them sent to her. “So, she’s reordered everything she bought before she went in,” her aunt says. Those selections include faith-based books and writings on the subject of positive thinking, including The Power of Now and The Secret.

    And she’s jokingly telling friends and family that she will no doubt come out of the clink in better shape. All the free time is allowing her to practice Pilates moves in her tiny cell. And the terrible food means she consuming fewer calories than ever, she said.

    Not that it’s all peachy for Paris. It is still jail, she tells relatives. She’s having trouble sleeping at night because chattering from other inmates, which usually lasts all night long, can be deafeningly loud. And the lights are never totally out. Her family plans to send her a care package that will include an eye mask, hoping that will help her get some rest at night.

    “Who knows if the jail will let her have those things?” Richards says. “But we’re going to try. We’re doing what we can to help her.”

    Wednesday marks Hilton’s third full day at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California, where she is serving a 23-day sentence for violating her probation for alcohol-related reckless driving.

    Aside from her phone calls, she has been allowed to receive daily drop-ins from her lawyer, Richard Hutton, who has said she is “doing well.” On Tuesday, her psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Sophy, tagged along with Hutton for a two-hour visit.

    Hilton is tentatively slated to be released June 26.




    Comment from k Piper
    Time: June 6, 2007, 4:00 pm

    Good Luck Paris!
    You should know that most of us are impressed by your strength and we are rooting for you to have an uneventful and peaceful time. Those of us with with teenage and young adult children would not want them to have to go through something like this, and my heart goes out to you and your family during this time. Nevermind those spiteful people who take silly potshots at you – it is very apparent to the rest of us that you know who your are and what you are all about and that you are taking this experience in stride and that you intend to make the best of a tough situation. My hat is off to you – you would make any mom proud. In the end you truly win the heart of America.
    Take care and best wishes to you.

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