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    Paris Hilton plans to launch a Beach Club in the Philippines

    Reported by philSTAR / Edited by PHS

    Leading Philippine real estate firm Century Properties has announced that it has partnered with top Hollywood celebrity Paris Hilton to design the central amenity of one of its landmark projects in the southern part of the metropolis called Azure Urban Resort Residences.

    The star of the reality TV show “The World According to Paris” was chosen to design the Beach Club amenity of Azure, Century Properties’ six-hectare residential development in the southern part of Manila that features a resort-inspired theme complete with a sizable man-made beach.

    Hilton is scheduled to arrive in Manila this August for her first meeting with Century Properties’ creative and design team, a media conference and shoots for Azure.

    “Her unparalleled style that made her a successful businesswoman and a style icon, as well as her zest for living the good life, are the qualities that we would like to incorporate into our vacation-inspired residential property,” said Century Properties chief operating officer John Victor Antonio, who is also project head of Azure.

    He added: “With her exposure to the best beaches around the world, coupled with her fun and sensible fashion sense, we believe that we’ve made the right choice in partnering with someone who appreciates urban resort style living and who can lend a world-class touch to Azure.”

    Robbie Antonio, managing director of Century Properties, said: “We chose Paris Hilton because of her exposure to travel and her predisposition to many aspects of design – from fashion, beauty, lifestyle to world-class service. Deciding to work with her was the logical choice as we found no other personality more suited to embody the upscale fashionable beachgoer.”

    In a statement, Hilton said: “I look forward to working with Century Properties and feel confident they will develop an amazing and aspirational destination in Azure Urban Resort Residences. I will personally help design The Azure Beach Club, creating a unique and special place that will bring happiness to many people. I’m excited for people to experience it.”

    Century Properties said that Hilton will not only be the official ambassador of the project but is likewise an integral part in the concept and design of the Azure Beach Clubhouse. “We put our absolute trust in Paris’ abilities to fully integrate a superior lifestyle that cannot be found elsewhere in the country. This is of utmost importance to us as developers and to our clients,” said Antonio.

    “Paris Hilton is a very focused and creative individual. Her knowledge of the highest standards in high-living makes her a valuable partner for us in creating a completely unique experience for Azure,” he added.



    Comment from Kees van der Steen
    Time: January 5, 2012, 5:10 am

    heee Paris, me again, I would appreciate it if I got an invitation from you or from Century Properties in Philippines to receive an invitation to join the opening of the “Azure Beach Club”
    I am a frequent Dutch visitor to the beautiful Philippines and I have seen the advertisment from the real estate investor with your picture on it in many magazines.
    For example in the magazine of the domestic carrier Cebu Pacific Air.
    I would appreciate an invitation for the GRAND OPENING.
    (Filippino people know how to party)

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