Paris Hilton wouldn’t compare “The World According to Paris” to Kim Kardashian’s reality show

According to Hollyscoop, Paris and Kathy Hilton reportedly said that “The World According to Paris” isn’t expected to be similar to Kim Kardashian’s reality show.

In an interview, Paris remarked: “I wish [the Kardashians] the best. I think that they have a great show and everyone is a success. We've been family friends since we were little girls and I love them and wish them the best.”

Executive producer Arthur Smith added that fans will be surprised by “The World According to Paris”:

“There's no format to the show. This is the real Paris … People are going to be really, really surprised. I was surprised … I think her fans are going to just be blown away. It [really] is ‘The World According to Paris’. We're inside Paris’ head throughout the show. Paris is the narrator of the show, so in the middle of scenes you're going to hear what's going on in her mind, which is a really interesting and very fresh way of doing the show. It really doesn't feel like anything else.”

Posted: April 21st, 2011
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From: jen
Time: May 8, 2011, 9:24 pm

i’m actually looking forward to this show. i miss paris:) yea i was tired of her at some point but now i’m tired of the all theas different shows they had b4 were cool at first now its too much. everytime is one of the kardashians they are all over to the point that its annoying me now. i want to switch back to paris.