Paris Hilton’s Life In Prison

X17 has learned, exclusively, from an inside source, that staff at the Twin Towers jail treated Paris Hilton like a queen! Okay, maybe not quite like royalty, but the fourth-floor medical facility cell was repainted just ahead of Paris’ arrival, the mattresses were replaced in her room, and the heiress Paris had access to a ping pong table in the common area of the ward. Paris played multiple times with deputies but now, back at the less-comfy Lynwood correctional facility, she’s isolated in a cell by herself and no longer has access to ping pong! At Lynwood, Paris has no TV and has access to a recreation area defined as “an empty room with a basketball hoop.” Horror!

Our source says the food at Lynwood is about two-stars below Twin Towers’ fare. In fact, Paris stopped eating when she returned to her old stomping grounds, until staff threatened to put her on an IV — then she finally acquiesced.

X17 has also learned that during her stint at Twin Towers, Paris did not receive the ADD medication, Adderall, that her own private doctor had prescribed. Now that she’s back at Lynwood, she’s getting her meds, but apparently they’re freaking her out! Our source says she’s much worse off mentally, than she was at Twin Towers and that the drugs make her very nervous.

And coming later … you’ll never guess what the California penal system has denied Ms. Paris Hilton while she’s incarcerated! — Stay tuned!


Posted: June 18th, 2007
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