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    • Alfred Romero: Hey Happy Birthday had the pleasure of seeing you on the veiw you are amazing and I love that you keep...
    • S7: Happy birthday Paris! Wish you good luck. Ahmad Gh. Y. (S7) Mon, Feb 02\17\2020
    • Jen: I remember when Lainey used to call Jennifer Biel ‘shelf-ass’ in her column, implying Justin would...
    • Benji: Ew…why? 561/justin-bieber-words-dating -paris-hilton-no-offense-bu...
    • Dawn: Paris is looking so good! Great dress & great style!
    • Dawn: Her new Vlogs are fabulous, a bit in the style of TSL. Loved the December episode when she had her new BMW...
    • admin: Anonymous, the cooking video is now at 3M views. What Paris is doing on her YouTube is brilliant and bringing...

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    Winner of the Paris Hilton Creativity contest!

    Congraduations to Doreen S. (from Malta)who won the Paris Hilton Creativity contest. Everyone who participted had an equal chance of winning!

    I think Doreen is aregular visitor of PHS since 2007, so I’m glad she’s thewinner. 🙂 Thanks to everyone who participated, and until next time!

    Andalso…who would like to wina free Paris, Not France DVD?



    Comment from scot
    Time: February 20, 2010, 6:02 pm

    Awh, congrats!

    oh Enkil, did you hear.. On march 19 there is going to be some sort of ‘huge’ Repo event including never before seen footage. I don’t have anymore details then that but yeah, kind of exciting. There has also been lots of talk about the ‘Pavi & Luigi show!” so I think we have lots of Repo stuff heading our way.. Any of it to do with Paris/Amber? No idea.

    Comment from admin
    Time: February 20, 2010, 11:12 pm

    Thanks scot. I’ll check out next time!

    OMG, with the way things are going… I have no time to do anything. lol No piece of mind. Can’t wait for summer!

    Comment from scot
    Time: February 21, 2010, 3:45 am

    Don’t stress about the site too much! Hmm.. As you’re getting older and your life starting to really roll how much longer do you think you’ll be able to keep up with the site? I know you’ve got holidays coming up but you’re not going to be wanting to spend the whole time updating the site.. Can you maybe see (for lack of a better term) the end of PHS approaching?

    Comment from kevin
    Time: February 21, 2010, 7:14 am

    congrats to doreen, lucky lucky!
    i would love a paris not france dvd… =)

    Comment from admin
    Time: February 21, 2010, 9:58 pm

    Ahhh, no no Scot. Don’t think that way. I do not see the end of PHS approaching anytime soon! It’s just that this year has been really hectic! I’ve never been so busy in my life. I started working last fall, I have this site and I go to school. The thing is that university is sooooo time consuming. Way too demanding! They cram too much material in one semester

    Another problem is that I have a lousy computer… Yes, I need to buy a new one lol. And I will, as soon as I’m done with school in April.

    So yeah, things will go back to normal in April, for sure! In the meantime, I’ll try my best to update it. Will do so this week!

    Comment from scot
    Time: February 22, 2010, 5:54 am

    I didn’t mean for what I said to sound the way it did haha. I just meant like, obviously with school/work/life being so crazy updating the site may be extra hassle for you. I don’t know, I was just curious haha.

    I think I’ll be visiting this site non-stop. I can’t imagine not coming here, it’s literally one of first sites I check out. Facebook, twitter, PHS.

    If you give away a Paris, Not France dvd I think you should do more of a competition instead of a random, luck of the draw thing. Maybe a Paris drawing competition… not like I would suggest anything where I know I would have a good chance of winning or anything. Never would I do that… /cough. (: Haha.

    Comment from T.K.
    Time: February 23, 2010, 10:07 am

    Congratulations to Doreen!
    I would love a Paris, Not France DVD. xD
    And good luck with school, Enkil.

    Comment from dOREEN
    Time: February 27, 2010, 12:21 pm

    thank you so much. It a big suprise. I have been busy lately with work and school and didn’t see this. & yep I’m a regular visitor of PHS since 2007 🙂 and I’m proud.
    Love paris hilton. again keep up with the good work you’re doing its the best site ever 🙂

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