15 Minutes Interview With Paris Hilton About Her Career And Projects

New Interview!

Some media people at Dallas, where Paris Hilton promoted her movie “Hottie” yesterday, interviewed her about her career and her business ventures.

The wonderful thing about this interview, which was conducted by Daniel Kusner (of PegNews content partner Dallas Voice), Todd Jorgenson (of the Denton Record-Chronicle), Alice Reese (of the Greenville Herald-Banner), and Paul Salfen (for Quick), is that they asked NOT to ask any personal questions to Paris. Her PR people should impose this rule for every interview. We’ve heard enough about her personal life, haven’t we?

So the people media were forced to ask questions and discuss about her project and film, ParisHiltonSite.net style! That’s it! And the result is a beautiful and fascinating interview about this different side of Paris Hilton.

There’s something for each one of you! You’ll love it!

Here’s the full interview.


Posted: January 23rd, 2008
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