Advertising agency: Paris Hilton worth more than Britney Spears

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Paris Hilton is a better choice than Britney Spears for some advertising agents, when it comes to promoting one of their products.

According to reports, Britney, who will be in Australia in November as part of her world tour, is seen as only worth about 60,000 dollars to spruik products.

“Britney is inconsistent,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Jack Singleton, chairman of advertising agency Jack Watts Currie, whose clients include The Discovery Channel and Malaysian Airlines, as saying.

“We would not be sure what we would be getting with her. Would it be fat Britney or mad Britney?” Singleton added.

Singleton is the same person who helped bring Paris Hilton to Australia at an estimated cost of 500,000 dollars for beer label Bondi Blonde.

As regards Paris’ value, Singleton says that she is always “in character”.

“It doesn’t really matter that she has done […] as long as she is the right image for the brand,” Singleton said.

Posted: October 4th, 2009
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From: admin
Time: October 4, 2009, 7:58 pm

For sure, Britney is a bit lost at the moment. I don’t know much about other celebrities, but I have a feeling that Paris is the only celebrity who is serious and super conscious of everything! Knows exactly what it takes, and does it! That’s why she’s always “consistent”.

From: scot
Time: October 4, 2009, 8:40 pm

Australia really does love Paris. Britney is crazy and well you love her for her music. I don’t necessarily think she is the best cover girl for a brand, in the past she was but not now, I don’t think anyones ever going to forget the bald, umbrella weilding, crazy Britney… But not only though her sense of style is somewhat cheap, tacky and ‘trailer trash’. Sure, some people would say the same about Paris but as you said admin, she’s consistant. You know what you’re getting. An attractive icon that’s going to get publicity (which is where some companies go wrong because they think that means instant success which to some degree, it does but as we’ve seen /coughpledgethiscough it sometimes backfires) and I also think when you see Paris with something, alot of people see it as the new thing because she is trendy and has all the newest and best stuff. I’m totally rambling here but it doesn’t surprise me at all that Paris is worth korein Australia then Britney. I’m curious to know how this would be in the uk or us. I’d love to see the difference for Europe.