An exclusive news update on the Paris Hilton fragrance collection

On a nine month basis, the gross sales of the Paris Hilton fragrance collection are up by 11%. Parlux says that the line has been very successful and has helped hold the company together, especially since they’ve lost the Guess brand. The company has been currently trying go back to profitability because they’ve been recording net losses for past year or so.

Parlux has managed to increase the sales of Can Can and Heiress over the last few years. Even though these two perfumes are old brands, they’ve temporarily been able to bring them back to life, which is something rare in the fragrance world.

Regarding the new fragrance “Passport,” it was specifically created to generate international sales, hence the names Tokyo, Paris and South Beach. Passport will be somewhat lighter than traditional fragrances in the US. Also, prices have been reduced in order to attract a wider distribution globally.

Interesting facts: The Paris Hilton fragrance collection has generated about $500 million in net sales and $1 billion in retail sales. The original fragrance Paris Hilton makes up 35-45% of the business.

A few more statistics:

Fiscal year 2005 – Limited introduction of Paris Hilton: $11.0 million
Fiscal year 2006 – Full introduction of Paris Hilton and introduction of Just Me: $74.7 million
Fiscal year 2007 – Introduction of Heiress: $75.2 million
Fiscal year 2008 – Introduction of Can Can: $104.5 million
Fiscal year 2009 – Introduction of Fairy Dust: $83.1 million
Fiscal year 2010 – Introduction of Siren: $62.2 million

Posted: February 12th, 2011
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From: Ulysses
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Dear Paris, Happy the Valentine’s Day!!! I need you help me about the future plan…

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