Are You Being Fooled By The Media?

Images can be very deceiving. Most of the hate emails and comments I’m receiving from haters are only repetitions of what they’ve learned from the media. They aren’t really evil people. Most of them are good people of course, but they just don’t like a rich, pretty and famous woman. Paris Hilton is an alien to them. And this is not fair for Paris.

“Everytime I turn around” to watch CNN, FOX News and MSNBC, all I can see 90% of the time is pure evil. I guess I’ve said that word 10 times already, but really! How sick do you feel when you have news anchors and commentators jerking and laughing over Paris Hilton’s case? How seriously can you take these people?

I ask this question and others many times when I look at their grinning faces. I ask myself, can these haters be taken seriously?

Of course, not! You see, these individual haters, news anchors and commentators only think of Paris as a punch bag. They don’t really care about justice or about who the real Paris is! At least, a good portion of them don’t. When you see them laughing and enjoying themselves, it should tell you that these people are only jealous of Paris Hilton, and know that they can’t be who she is, even though they don’t understand she is not all that!

What really shocks the hell out of me is when I see, for example, a hard-face smirking woman saying to the lemmings of this world that yesturday, justice was served and that everyone is being treated equally, just like the woman I just saw on FOX News moments ago.

Don’t be fooled by these networks. Don’t believe everything they tell you. Some of them don’t understand Paris Hilton the way we do. Some of them don’t even know that they are telling lies to the public.

The media has become a God for many people; it is extremely easy for anyone to come out in the media and tell you any whopper they want you to believe (again, not necessarily knowing that it is not true). This is exactly what it is happening with Paris’ case, except it is driven only by a malevolent force, or the hate force if you prefer.

Once again, question everything you see and listen from the media. Know that it is because of the media that Paris can’t show her true character. Ask yourself why Paris Hilton is crying and be rational. Look at which questions the media shrinks from giving you full and clear answers.

If you see something really bizarre, your instinct is probably right. If they tell you that Paris was planning to throw a party after her release on Thursday, there should be a little click inside in brain telling you that it is unbelievable, no matter how persuasive the news anchors and the commentators appear to be.

If anyone tells you that you need psychiatric examination for defending and supporting Paris Hilton, know that you are not insane. And remind yourself that you a huge fan of the character Paris Hilton plays in the Simple Life, of her music album and of countless other things.

Remember the plain Paris is going through while the media is laughing at this injustice. Keep in mind that Paris Hilton has agreed to the demands of evil men and has the courage to complete what-appears-to-be one of the most undeserving judicial punishements ever imposed on a human being.

Posted: June 9th, 2007
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