Ban On “Interesting” Questions Maintained

Some reporters were again complaining that they couldn’t ask certain questions to Paris Hilton when they were interviewing her at Macy’s, yesterday.

These questions, which some reporters call “fun”or “personal” questions now include Barron’s DUI arrest, the story about being banned from the Oscars, the Hottie and the Nottie, surprisingly, and of course, her unjust jail sentence.

So because the Hottie and the Nottie flopped at the box office, reporters now can’t ask her any questions about the movie. A few weeks ago, reporters were, sort of, forced to ask her questions about it. And now, it seems that the opposite is true. For reporters, now, asking a question about the movie can be something interesting. Isn’t that sort of, strange? Not really.

A lot of reporters are semi-haters who want to write interesting articles for the public to read. Negative questions and articles, which are considered interesting, attract the public, but degrade Paris, even though they temporarily make her more famous with no substance. At, we discussed the reasons why we think the movie flopped.

After reading Debra Bass’ comments, I think I can now see something very problematic in the world of Paris, but I’ll just wait and see how things will work out.

Posted: February 24th, 2008
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From: thewaymouth
Time: February 24, 2008, 6:18 pm

I really appreciate Admin, that you not only present us the news, but try to get to the bottom of the story, to what’s really going on.

Paris either gets bad advice, or she doesn’t listen to good advice. If there are that many subjects off the table, why give interviews? They only make her look bad. Interviews by and large are not her strength, anyway.

Admin, you have Paris advertised foremost on this site as an entertainer, and listed first among her multiple talents, singer. I am in total agreement with you. Most critics would say we are insane, but then they have to toe the company, Paris-hating line. We are free to think and speak freely.

I think Paris should ban interviews altogether. It gives control to the interviewer. Paris needs to be in control. Not to react, but cause a reaction, a sensation. Because she’s sensational.

Instead of asking her questions, I go along with the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” I would rather say to Paris…

“Here we are now/ Entertain us.”

The one question I would like to ask – BTW, has anyone ever even asked this question? – why won’t you sing live? Like, on TV, or in a live setting such as a club?

Will someone, anyone, please ask her. Maybe that will prod her to do go out and do it. I have tried. I have written her, and will keep on doing so. I am going to post this comment on her MySpace blog.

Her first album is awesome, her best-ever work. Scott Storch said she has excellent timing, hinted that it’s even better than that of Christina Aguilera. From what I hear, he’s right. I keep seeing more & more videos of Paris singing karaoke in clubs. She is full of confidence, does a fantastic job. She is a brilliant dancer as well. And she seems to have a ton of fun doing it. It is not forced by any means. Christina works so hard, she winds up overdoing it.

So what if Paris’ first album only sold 600,000 units. There are a lot bands that would kill to sell 600,000 units of an album. And Paris had to put hers out in front of a skeptical mob of a spiteful media & general public full of haters. Most people seem to believe she cannot sing, rather that others were doing it for her in the studio, or she had a lot of help via auto-tuning.

Paris did some promo but not enough behind her album. She released “Turn It Up” as her second single, but did not even do a video for it. She said she was going to tour, but she never sang live on TV or toured. That not only disappointed her fans, it made the haters think, well that just proves what we suspected all along. She can’t do it.

Meanwhile, Paris flogged this apparent dog of a movie, The Hottie & The Nottie. Granting the genre is not my cup of tea, to me the movie had flop written all over it. Going all the way back to the original script itself, and then to last summer when the producers pulled the movie away from the director.

But the early bad word out on the movie didn’t stop Paris from going all over the place to promote it. If she only gave that much effort to promoting “Paris.”

The night before she turned herself in to jail last spring, she went to the MTV Movie Awards. She just had to have known Sarah Silverman was going to savage her, but Paris went anyway. To me, Paris seems fearless. Why then is she afraid to sing live? Or is she?

Ashlee Simpson got massacred for getting caught lip-synching on SNL. But that didn’t stop her. Despite the ongoing hatred for her and her musical career, she shortly will be releasing her third album and then touring behind it.

Paris put so much work into her first album, then let it die on the shelves. I wouldn’t care but I know how good it is, and she is. I know what she can do. Paris is so talented, a natural showgirl. I think it would be such a waste if she never gets out there. She’ll never know, what if…

Instead explaining herself to the press, all Paris would have to do is be herself. And the thing is, her fans love her for that, for her being who she is. And doing what she likes to do. She already goes all around to meet us, at her promotions for her products. Why won’t she give us her best product, herself? Why won’t she perform for us? So we can not only show her love, but do it in a real live give-and-take-and-give-back, fantastically exciting situation.

I wish she would dare to come out and show to the world of what she is really capable. These online haters that write that Paris is a talentless whore, a skank, a porn star, man, they are so full of shit. The statistics show that most people have teenage sex, and adult-sex, with lots of partners. Everyone looks at porn. A lot of porn.

And not that I care, but Paris is not a porn star. She is a victim of being not careful enough about where tapes of her ended up. But she was young and made some mistakes. So now she gets hated by people that make mistakes themselves everyday. Everyone makes them.

There’s no question just about all of it is just plain jealousy, but especially misogyny. What male stars get this kind of treatment? A guy who gets around is a stud, but a girl is a whore. Such bullshit. These guys that would fuck almost anything, only to always turn around and hate on it. And death-wish on it.

I’m a guy but I don’t even have anything against porn stars or whores. We’re all people, so we all deserve respect. Live and let live.

What is reprehensible as well is that so many women take so much abuse from guys themselves. They suffer a lifetime of misogyny, but instead of being understanding w/other women, showing fellowship, they instead are misogynistic themselves. They hate on each other.

Everyone wants to feel they are better than everyone else. And that’s where instead where their fellowship lies. They are all in the “hate the famous & fabulous females” club. They have so much fun spewing hatred and jealousy, venom 24/7, when it’s the last thing they would ever want to ever happen to themselves.

I guess I’m insane but I think it’s better to celebrate and embrace lives then to judge and reject them. Most of the artists I like are hated-on by the general public. But still even then I don’t turn around in revenge and hate on artists that don’t do it for me. I think Thom Yorke’s voice is so annoying, but I don’t begrudge Radiohead their success. Meanwhile Avril Lavigne is one of the biggest acts in the world, but has never won a Grammy, and hasn’t been nominated in years. Yet I think she’s so much better than Kanye West or Amy Winehouse, but hey, to each his or her own.

One of the big things that have come to define me is this: I love divas that are almost universally unloved. That’s my club. I want them all to succeed so badly. Not so much as to prove the haters wrong. But to be allowed to be themselves, to just exist. Like in the words of the great Elephant Man:

I am a human being.”

I originally wrote the following lines a couple of years ago about Ashlee, when she was getting hated on all over the place after her McDonald’s “mishap.” When everyone continued to complain that Ashlee should just go away. I defended her all over the place then, and still do. It’s how I feel about Paris & Avril & Lindsay & Britney as well.

She can sing, she can dance, she can clown, she can bring it on with everything and more till there’s nothing left to lose out on the floor but herself in our l.o.v.e. for her.

…Just give us that chance, won’t you please, Miss Hilton.

From: thewaymouth
Time: February 24, 2008, 6:28 pm

…Rather, at least just give yourself that chance, Paris.

From: juju
Time: February 24, 2008, 9:27 pm

i’m not sure i completely understand what the “problems” are based on this interview. It’s pretty standard for celebs to put certain items off-limits in interviews. Paris’ list is not unususal except for maybe Hottie & the Nottie.

The only difference I see is that the reporter once agreeing to the terms, doesn’t then include that in the interview. I guess this is only done to paris to make her look bad.

I think she should maybe just work on her fashion ventures more, ie modeling, clothing line, fragrences, shoes, etc. They are her strongest suit. No matter what anybody ever says against her, you hve to notice that even the most venomous haters never knock her in these areas. Why? Because it wouldn’t really resonate very far. Nobody can realistcally say that paris doesn’t have and portray impeccable style.

From: mr scot
Time: February 24, 2008, 10:20 pm

“The way mouth” I applaud everything you say
…well not everything.
The bit about Avril, no. I dislike her personality.
Some of her tunes are alright but the way she treats her fans, how she is in interviews and all those other things about her I can’t stand.
BUT this isn’t about Avril; it’s about the beautiful Miss Hilton.

This site is really amazing,
Your not just blogging about who she is dating or what nightclubs she has been too you dig deep and research every single one of her projects, you give your personal opinion. Its fantastic, it really is. Its such a joy to come to this site and read the updates because your not just saying “yeah Paris did this and blah blah” you actually write it in a way which is really enjoyable to read and you state things that would leave haters speechless because they’d have no comebacks.

Argh, I want Paris so be a success, she so deserves it.
I think it would be fantastic if she gave a really personal one on one interview and was just herself, came clean about everything and was just honest. I doubt that would ever happen because of the people around her.

From: James
Time: February 24, 2008, 11:32 pm

Thewaymouth and mr scot, I totally understand what you guys are saying.
I think one of the reasons why Paris doesn’t wanna go on tour is because she is shy. She is fearless but shy. She is not afraid to be seen or to be controversial, but she is shy so it’s hard for her to sing in public or show her emotions. It was a big deal for her to make her record and she said that she was always too shy to do it sooner. I am a musician and I know that when you perform in public you kind of show off your emotions, something Paris has a hard time doing. Singing live is very different from dancing in the club and getting the crowd hyped up. And if you notice in all of her interviews whenever Paris is asked to describe her thoughts on something she always evades the question. She’ll say something on the surface level but it never really means anything, and it can be interpreted in different ways. Personally I think this is partly intentional, but Paris is shy and she doesn’t wanna give herself away. So singing a live concert or giving a really personal interview would be a big step for Paris.
Maybe she should write another book. In Confessions, which u guys have probably all read, and if not, u really should, Paris gets very personal and really shows who she is. This is probably because while writing she didn’t feel as much pressure to act a certain way, which was really good. This is also true for being in the recording studio and singing, so it’s good that she’ll be releasing another album.

From: admin
Time: February 26, 2008, 7:34 pm

Hey thewaymouth,

Yeah, this is probably the only website that highly advertises Paris as an entertainer! I’m trying to make the public see Paris in a different way. Unfortunately, not many people are interesting in seeing this other side of Paris, but I just do what I want to do lol. You and I completely think alike when it comes to her music. It would’ve been amazing if she had performed and gone on tour.

Thanks for your comments, mr scot! I think you understand what is all about! I’m trying to make it as unique as possible and within my own style, which is sometimes bias, but what I write is just my opinion. I’ve temporarily decided not to cover dating stories, however.

I also think James is right about Paris. Very good point.