Can You Sing JEALOUSY?

Check out fans singing one of Paris Hilton’s greatest songs: Jealousy!

The first video is recorded by an amateur singer nicknamed johnnyboyxo.

The second one is recorded by Jillian15Jamie26, an ordinary person singing freestyle.

And the third one, which is my absolute favourite, is sang and played by nagyovafan. He is a piano player and an aspiring filmmaker/singer. I couldn’t post his version of the video because in it, he sang another song before singing Jealousy, so I had to edit the video and upload a new one. This is really good and original.

I think I’ve found two singers who should to get a record deal with Heiress Records!

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Posted: December 9th, 2007
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From: And_LV
Time: December 9, 2007, 2:15 pm

That on second video – real star – and a mimicry at it is unbelievable ,she has blinked with a right eye 10 times…
I don’t know why people do so crazy things and than send that to internet…