Canadian Paris Hilton Fans Be Aware Of And Gretchen Drummie!

Well, another a hater pops up and makes her way into the mass media. What bothers me is that these so-called journalists are given the right to post false information about Paris Hilton. Female journalists are usually much tougher against Paris for obvious reasons.

So again, why should pay attention to this hateful journalist’s article? Because it’s actually posted frontpage on as of now. MSN allowed this single woman’s bias opinion on frontpage! or has always been a trashy website. They always post lies about Paris Hilton and other celebrities as well. They rarely ever check their sources and always report whatever they read on the internet. Thank God for the Associated Press, at least we can count on them for accurate reports.

Mrs. Drummie’s article is so frightening and trashy that it would probably be better for a hardcore fan not to read it because it boils your blood. In her article, she gloats over the fact that the Associated Press banned her for a week.

One of her striking comments she happily wrote is “[Paris Hilton] got arrested. (Again.)” which is 100% not true. She only got a ticket, but Mrs. Drummie didn’t bother to check the facts.

But perhaps the most embarrassing part for her is when she reports about a “news report” taken from a SATIRE news website ( this: “Our fave bit of tid though is word that Paris’ antics have finally made even her most die-hard fan, er, soft. Davis Bruce, president of is having doubts about his infatuation with the celebutante, and formed a support group: “Why Did We Waste Our Time On Paris” Even friends of Paris Hilton Super Fan Cindy Spitz says she’s a loser for her worshipping.”

Mrs. Drummie is so careless that she reports false information. Just go to, you will never find those comments posted by the admin because it is intentially made-up. The website even says that it is a SATIRE website. And she certainly hates the fact that Paris has thousands, if not millions of fans.

So careless she is that she also mentions about a recent fake news that I didn’t bother reporting: “We’re pretty sure however even the stodges at AP will be curious about the latest word that Paris and Rick Salomon were chortling at a post-Oscars party about how they each made a million bucks from their “One Night in Paris” sex tape. Um, we remember Paris claimed she was horrified, we repeat horrified when that video went public. Gosh, is it “Another Paris?””

And much much more.

The article is way too long and is filled with lies and overexaggerations. You’ll never ever read anything about the work Paris Hilton has done with her fame so far. She doesn’t talk about her successful TV show Simple Life and her great music album.

What really pisses me off is that people are going to read this piece of crap and believe everything in it, and eventually genetrate more unjustified hatred against Paris.

Here’s the article in question

Posted: March 11th, 2007
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