Caught on tape! Lindsay Lohan tosses nasty four-letter insult at Paris Hilton

Lindsay Lohan tossed a four-letter expletive at fellow Hollywood run-around Paris Hilton earlier this week.

In a video posted Thursday on, Lohan was captured leaving a Los Angeles hotel inside which Hilton had reportedly been partying. The 20-year-old actress, as she was getting into the passenger side of an SUV, used the profanity to describe Hilton after an observer asked if they’d fought earlier.

“She’s kidding,” a friend in the back seat quickly followed up Lohan’s sniping.

When asked why she used the word she did, Lohan backtracked: “I never said that. Paris is my friend … No, I love her.”

The car then sped off into the night.

Lohan, probably more famous for her tabloid-churning antics than for her movie roles, will next be seen in the drama, “Bobby,” slated to be release Nov. 17.

Posted: November 11th, 2006
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