Christian Activist Mark Dice Is Obviously An Ignorant Idiot

Beverly Hills, CA Christian activist and author Mark Dice has extended an invitation to Paris Hilton for her to go to Church with him in order to prepare herself spiritually before she turns herself in to authorities and starts her 45-day jail sentence.

“Paris needs Jesus in her life” explains Dice. “She has been living recklessly and is out of control, and the only thing that can get her on the correct path is if she has God in her life.”

Speaking on her jail sentence Dice says, “I hope this will be a time of self reflection for her. She’ll have plenty of time on her hands to think about what her purpose in life is, and I hope she will be released a new person. This is one of the greatest opportunities of her life for her to see what kinds of changes she needs to make.”

While some are hoping Paris can somehow get out of serving time, going so far as to petition Governor Schwarzenegger for a pardon, Mark Dice thinks she got what she deserves. “When someone messes up, they have to pay for their mistakes whether they are a world-famous celebrity, or an ordinary person.”

Dice, who has recently been in the news for slamming rapper 50 Cent for wearing a crucifix while rapping about murdering people, and has made news around the world for calling Jessica Simpson a singing stripper after the release of her recent music video, is author of the book The Resistance Manifesto.

While journalists around the world are writing hate articles about Paris, Mark says “Paris needs Jesus in her life”, isn’t that something?

I bet he’s part of one of those Christian cult groups. You know what he and his gang are planning to do on June 5? They are going to organize a hate protest against Paris next to a Hilton hotel in order to use her name and promote himself and his group, which I don’t know what it is about and don’t care.

Mark Dice is an idiot. Just by reading his quotes, you can tell that this guy doesn’t know anything about Paris, although he pretends he does, and he always stereotypes her. This guy has no clue that Paris is a Catholic Christian who attends church time to time.

What he wants to make out of her is a 200% religious person, and probably make her join his cult group, so he can attract more people. So he and his gang are going to use her.

Mark Dice is also an extremely ignorant guy. He doesn’t understand why there are fans who like Paris Hilton. Not a clue. He’s going to go out there and make a hate protest while most of us are going to laugh at his nonsense.

I suggest him to go and study Paris Hilton’s life and career before making more stereotyping comments.

Posted: May 21st, 2007
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From: kevin
Time: May 21, 2007, 2:51 pm

fuck him fuck him fuck him, wtf these people are so stupid and need to get a life. wow they most really have no life at all to spend there time to just hate on paris.

wowow, life is sad for some people…