Christine Lakin Speaks Out About “Hottie” Flop

Christine Lakin said a few comments about the failure of the Hottie and the Nottie.

“With any project you take you can’t think about reviews and you can’t think about the way that a studio is going to market a film, I have no control over that. At the end of the day people either love or hate Paris Hilton and they will either want to go see the movie or they don’t.

I don’t know if it necessarily hurt the movie for what this movie is. I think it actually could have helped for the genre. I think it was the way that maybe the whole movie was marketed. It’s an ensemble romantic comedy and I think everyone who has seen the movie actually finds it to be really charming and really funny and very sweet in the end.

But when it’s marketed as a vanity piece that’s not what you think it is, you think it’s going to be one big music video and it’s not at all. The thing that’s hard about it is I think she actually does a really nice job in the film. She’s much more relaxed and real then you have ever seen her on screen. It’s very endearing. It’s kinda how she is in real life behind the scenes.”


Posted: February 16th, 2008
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From: Jen
Time: February 17, 2008, 7:32 pm

As more people get a chance to see or rent the movie, it will be exonerated.
Even “It’s a wonderful Life” was not an initial success.

Most of the people who are badmouthing Hottie haven’t even seen it, they are talking the movie down because they envy Paris Hilton.

From: Django
Time: February 18, 2008, 3:54 am

There was even a thread about the movie on IMDB with people saying “let’s get this voted the worst movie ever” and others going “good idea”! What wonderfully fulfilling lives these people must lead, that they exist only to be meanspirited against Paris at every opportunity. I too hope that the movie does at least moderate success on DVD and perhaps outside of America. But I’m appalled that the movie did so badly in the first place, when Paris obviously has plenty of fans turning up at signings and launches, etc. Maybe the free preview screenings meant that a lot of the potential audience got to see the movie already.