Columnist Leonard Pitts Trashes Paris Hilton; Sienna Miller Defends Her

I must start today’s news by talking about an outrageous comment made by a columnist called Leonard Pitts.

Pitts just today wrote an article about Anna Nicole Smith and expressed how “wonderful” she was and even “dared” to compare her to Paris. In his article, he also made a few mindless comments about Paris Hilton. Really, outrageous comments that shocks Paris Hilton’s fans.

He may simply be just another clueless hating and perhaps, jealous columnist, but still, he should have researched more about her instead of just assuming stuffs about her.

Here’s the comments he wrote:

“I mean, I dare anybody to explain what Paris Hilton has ever done – being a spoiled, empty-headed little skank does not count – that makes it breaking news when she gets busted for allegedly driving drunk.”

Note that he asks us to explain him what Paris Hilton has ever done. Really, he considers that a smart question. Paris has been with us for more than three years now, and there are still people asking us what she has done so far. People like him must really be either blind or totally clueless.

You generally don’t reply when someone asks you such a stupid question, but since there are many clueless people like him, let me just say this.

What Paris Hilton has done? TV shows, Music Album, Movies, Charity Work, Books, Fragrances, Games, Model and much more. The girl has been making her own money since she was 18 years old.

Columnist Leonard Pitts lives in Forida, and he welcomes his readers’ comments.

Express your anger to him by emailing him at

You can also contact him at (888) 251-4407.


In other news, Sienna Miller has indirectly defended Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Here’s a few comments from her part:

“Girls are doing the same thing all over the world as what these girls are doing, but they’re not being photographed while they’re doing it. I think it’s healthy for young girls to go out and have fun in their teenage years and early twenties. I think everyone’s entitled to their own decisions. I’m not going to judge anyone.”

Be sure not to get mixed up by name the “Sienna.” We’re not talking about the very vicious and bitchy snob Shanna Moakler who believes that everyone should love her and hate Paris.

Posted: February 14th, 2007
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