Courtney Love Found “White Powder” At Paris Hilton’s Brithday Bash

Once again, we notice an increase in the number of hate articles on the internet especially after the Associated Press reported the one-week ban on Paris Hilton news.

Now, it is Paris Hilton’s good friend Courtney Love who believes Paris Hilton or her friends might have “snorted” cocaine during her brithday. Yes, a few unreliable websites are reporting it, but we haven’t seen any videos, pictures or anything, just like when they recently reported that Paris made $1 million dollars from her tape with Rick Solomon. They don’t have any proof.

The head of the Foundation for Jewish Camping, Jerry Silverman, seems to take this news from Courtney Love very seriously. I wonder if he actually saw anything with his own eyes, talking about the Simple Life 5, “Counselors are trained, recruited, and tested.”

This report of course, comes from the very destructive “Page Six” magazine. Not a surprise, haha!

Here’s the report from

Could Paris Hilton be a cocaine user? Courtney Love has claimed on her Web site that there was a pile of white powder in the bathroom of Paris Hilton’s birthday party the night before the Oscars. Could it have been drugs?

Paris Hilton, well-known hotel heiress and major socialite, has been accused of having a pile of white powder in her bathroom. While it could have been something like baby powder, it’s not outlandish to think that it may have been an illegal substance.

Jerry Silverman, the head of the Foundation for Jewish Camping, seems to think so. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were supposed to act as camp counselors in the next season of ‘The Simple Life’, but Silverman is feeling uneasy about the idea after hearing about the ‘pile of white powder’.

Page Six quotes Silverman as saying: “Counselors are trained, recruited, and tested.”

“We take [it] very seriously.”

Posted: March 5th, 2007
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