DA: No charges against Paris Hilton in sex-video spat

Prosecutors said today they will not file charges against Paris Hilton stemming from a scrape at a newsstand in which she allegedly pocketed a copy of her homemade sex video without paying.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office dropped the case for lack of evidence after investigating the hotel heiress for suspicion of petty theft.

“The evidence presented is not of such convincing force that a reasonable and objective jury would unanimously agree that the suspect is guilty,” said Irene Wakabayashi of the district attorney’s office.

The investigation stemmed from a December 15 run-in between Hilton and a West Hollywood newsstand dealer, who was selling copies of her infamous video, One Night in Paris.

The sex tape surfaced in 2003 just before the start of Hilton’s reality TV series The Simple Life. She has said she was embarrassed and humiliated that the tape ever became public.

A security video obtained by the TV show Celebrity Justice appeared to show Hilton grabbing the video and walking off after buying several magazines. Gerry Castro, an employee at Swing News, told the show at the time that Hilton became furious after spotting the video for sale.

Posted: February 2nd, 2005
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