Damiani jewelry case closed

Reported by Hollywood News

It seems that Paris Hilton has been able to avoid one legal problem as she was accused of lying to a jewelry store she had borrowed from.

When Hilton was robbed by a burglary ring in 2008, she lost $2.8 million worth of jewelry, states TMZ. Some of the jewelry was on loan from Damiani.

Hilton later got some of the jewelry back from officers, but claimed it wasn’t the pieces from Damiani. However, they weren’t buying it and had filed a lawsuit against her.

Now, the store is reportedly changing their opinion and believes that Hilton never got their items back.

Posted: October 3rd, 2011
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From: Jen
Time: October 4, 2011, 9:36 am

Paris actually was a rep for Damiani, that’s why she had some of their jewelry in the first place.

If it was me, I’d sue the hell out of Damiani and out of Allianz.

Allianz tried to wiggle out of paying the claim on the stolen jewelry by trying to make Paris look like Lindsay.
Blaming the victim -that’s just not right.

Allianz is not only an insurance company but an international investment firm with deep pockets.
They should be able to cough up a few million bucks for trying to pull such a stunt.

Paris should SUE !!!

From: Benji
Time: October 5, 2011, 3:41 am

I agree that if it were me I’d sue but Paris doesn’t like dragging out these negative situations, she likes them to be over & forgotten ASAP.

From: Dawn
Time: October 5, 2011, 6:58 am

They should have checked their facts before running to court.

There were tons of pictures of the items Paris got back from the LAPD.

She got back her costume jewelry but not the expensive items such as the pieces she inherited from her grandmas.

The stolen Damiani items only added up to about $60,000

I can understand that perhaps something got lost in the translation, they heard Paris got her stuff back and thought it was everyting.

But really, the insurance company (Allianz) should have done their due diligence before filing a counter claim.