David Letterman’s Latest Interview With Paris Hilton

This is the new interview that was aired last night on David Letterman’s show. Another funny interview with Paris Hilton!

Paris talked about her new TV show, which is going very well so far. They’re getting ready to pick 35 contestants out of 200 000 people. She’s very excited about it. David asked her questions about her boyfriend, Benji Madden. Paris is confident that he’s the one; David is not so sure.

Later in the second part, they talked about Paris’ products. David introduced RICH Prosecco, and Paris said that they were going to launch it in the US this summer. David also showed to the audience the Clipin-Go Hair Extensions and a dog dress from Paris Hilton’s Pet collection. A new line of pet clothes is coming out this Spring. David seems to find her products a bit expensive, I think lol. Compared to other brand and the quality, they probably aren’t. He sort of tried to make fun of her products, but that was fine!

Posted: May 9th, 2008
Comments: 6


From: kevin
Time: May 9, 2008, 4:38 pm

Ugh he’s rude!

I wish they promoted Can Can, TH&TN DVD, her shoe line, talk about her second album, at least mention Repo! and then finish with her latest project, the hair extensions.

I wish she went on Ellen *sigh*

From: juju
Time: May 9, 2008, 11:35 pm

i loved the interview except for all the benji stuff. ugh…she’s gonna look like a fool when they break up. com’n paris, you’re 27, not 12!!! act like a young, mature adult woman, not a teeny-bopper!!!!

please, paris, stand on your own two feet and separate yourself from nicole and company, I beg you!

aim higher than copy-cat seconds, and MTV, please, oh, please!!!!

sometimes i wonder if she sees her own potential. she should project a higher-class image. that would really change people’s minds and let her come more into her own & help her to being taken seriously.

From: Morgan
Time: May 10, 2008, 11:19 am

I agree with you. I hope they break up. Benji seems to chauvinistic and whatnot. Also, in my opinion, she deserves a younger guy, hehe. I mean, an almost 30 guy can have a 18 year old girlfriend without much social backlash. When she’s 29 I’ll be 18.

From: Jen
Time: May 10, 2008, 9:09 pm

I don’t think they will break up. They seem quite solid and enjoy being together.
Just look at Benji’s face , you can just tell he knows how lucky he is .

From: juju
Time: May 10, 2008, 9:57 pm

i guess we’ll just wait & see on the benji thing. but consider this, no guy wants to have his relationship so public when he’s not the “alpha” in the relationship. usually a relationship like that is kept private. The only way a guy is okay with looking publically PW is if he’s also in it for the publicity… and even then only short-term.

again, I wish she’d separate herself from the hollywood dating cesspool, and find a quality guy from somewhere else who is more solid and grounded. god, with all the trips to asia, europe, russia, etc, surely she can meet someone completely new, unique and special. a bit of mystery guy in her life would be more genuinely her.

once upon a time, paris was a unique, mysterious enigma that captured everyone’s attention. she was foreward thinking and on the leading edge of what was in before “it” became a fad. whatever people thought of the “old” paris, they had to give her props for being genuinely, herself, different from anybody else and following the beat of her own drum. other people copied her.

Now, she’s copying nicole, who has been horrid towards her, and scrambling around with benji and copying his fashion style. wow, how can that be good? it’s all just too desperate-looking.

From: Morgan
Time: May 10, 2008, 11:58 pm

I hope it’s fake. It really can’t be like this after 2 months. I hope they break up. I want her to be happy but not in a way that kills me on the inside. If you look at them, they look like exact opposites. Paris is thin, beautiful, and so on, while Benji is big, hairy, with a bunch of nasty looking tattoos, etc.

I wish I could be more than a fan someday. I really do. She, the lovely, beautiful angel she is, will always be out of my reach. Whenever me and my mother plan on going to Beverly Hills to meet her, she leaves LA or something, whenever I send her a letter, something negative happens to prevent my hopes from coming true.

I sent her the most heartfelt letter ever, in February. I begged her, in the letter, to reply with a written letter. I hoped that my words would touch her heart, brighten her day, but they never will. She began dating Benji Madden a bit later, and went on fucking tour with him. She might read it, she might reply, but it will never be what I want it to be. I wanted to maybe have some contact with her, and be more than a meager fan, but NO, it’s impossible.

I cannot say I’ll ever like Benji Madden. Every night I pray that the next day, I don’t read something about her getting engaged, or her saying she’s pregnant, not because I don’t want her to be happy, but because I don’t want to die on the inside.