Deadmau5 pissed off at Paris Hilton’s successful DJ career

Reported by E! News

Just a day after it was revealed that Paris Hilton rakes up to $1 million dollars per performance—beating out other DJs like Deadmau5, Tiesto and even Calvin Harris—Deadmau5 slammed the heiress on his blog.

“So Paris makes a billion dollars playing a CD at a club. That’s great. How is this news again?” he began his war of words against the bubbly blonde.

“Look, as much as she’s probably loathed by the EDM world… and me, you can’t possibly hold it against her for involvement in the electronic music scene…I remember back when, at the Cosmo in Vegas, she attended, and I guess I was accommodating (as far as that usually goes for me) I could see she was having a fun time, liked the music, and just wanted to be a part of it all… so of course, why not… even I couldn’t hate on that.”

Deadmau5 continued, “But, let’s get real here for a second…There’s being involved / enthusiastic about something…and then there’s just being a straight up ass.”

He also compared her foray into the EDM world to someone without any experience entering into the Indy 500.

“So Paris, thank you… were actually not even mad you’re enthusiastic about electronic music… we love that you’re a part of our party. But please, get the f–k back in your go kart.

“No need to prove that you found someone stupid enough to consider paying you a million dollars for something the world knows you aren’t… because here’s what you actually are to everyone who knows better…Ticket sales. Nothing more.”

Meanwhile, neither Hilton’s mood nor career seems to have been affected by the diss.

She tweeted earlier today, “Yay! Exciting news! Just signed a huge residency deal at one of my favorite cities in the world! #LovingLife #KillingIt.”

Posted: October 24th, 2014
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From: admin
Time: October 24, 2014, 8:34 pm

Just another hater who likes getting attention and approval from the public by hating on Paris.

I guess the part that pisses me off the most is how the public never gives Paris credit for the work she does. They say she’s famous for a tape (which was released by her ex-bf) and therefore, can’t be taken seriously. So you discredit an entire person and tell her she’s not good at anything.

I think Paris was born to be an entertainer. Fame and looks alone can’t maintain your success. You still have to able to prove yourself and deliver the goods somehow.

How Paris has been able to survive through all this hate is remarkable.

From: Dawn
Time: October 25, 2014, 8:48 pm

Most people familiar with Deadmau5 have a pretty good idea what his REAL problem is.

And is there anyone left he hasn’t feuded with?
No wonder he doesn’t get the high-paying bookings that Paris gets.

It also looks like Disney is suing him for allegedly ripping off their logo.