Deadmau5 whines again about Paris Hilton’s DJing career?

Reported by Idolator

The trouble began last night, when Paris Hilton excitedly tweeted about her ongoing “Foam & Diamonds” Amnesia residency in Ibiza. “Hey @AmnesiaIbiza! Can’t wait to party with you all again tonight at my #FoamAndDiamonds party! #Ibiza See you there!” she wrote.

Sensing an opportunity to shade, Canadian beatmaker Deadmau5 — a DJ known to get into an Internet scuffle or ten — unexpectedly came in out of nowhere with a cutting tweet: “.@ParisHilton @Amnesia_Ibiza whatever, just clean up your stupid fuckin mess before I get there next week.” Whoa. Shots fired!

Rather than inciting an e-war, the “Come Alive” diva took the high road instead in her defense, writing a general tweet to the haters: “For those of you who constantly stalk my page 2 talk sh*t. Keep being a bitter hater. Meanwhile, I will be living the time of my fukin life!” Oop! Not even acknowledging the DJ with an @ reply.

She’s simply too busy having a good time.

Posted: August 21st, 2014
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From: Jen
Time: August 22, 2014, 9:20 am

Deadmau5 unfortunately seems to have lots of personal problems, envy being among the least of them.

Most people know by know that Paris does not just push “play” on a computer.

She went through the trouble of learning how to do it right by studying with Dave Garnish.
And she had been around successful DJs long enough to turn into a pretty good performer herself.