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This is a rush transcript from “Studio B with Shepard Smith,” June 8, 2007. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.

SHEPARD SMITH, HOST OF “STUDIO B”: Greta Van Susteren just getting out of the courtroom. Greta, lay it on me!

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, HOST OF “ON THE RECORD”: Boy Shep, it sure was different sitting there about two feet from Paris Hilton because…

SMITH: Two feet from Paris!

VAN SUSTEREN: Yea, what was painfully obvious… is this woman is there is something not quite right. She is a sick woman. I have no idea what the problem is, but certainly someone need to take a look at her.

SMITH: For real?

VAN SUSTEREN: She sort of has a tick and shakes. We were all kind of commenting, the media, we were stunned on how troubled and sick she was. Look there is clearly something she needs medical attention, I don’t know what it is, but she certainly needs a lay person who would observe that she needs medical attention. Hopefully the judge can get her that in the jail.

She turned around three times during the hearing and mouthed to her mother who was a foot and a half right across the isle from me “I love you.” Her mother and father have been married for 30 years — which is unusual by California standards, I might add — they were holding hands the whole time in the court room.

Look, you know, it is so easy to be sort of cavalier about this but when you are in the courtroom and you really see what is going on in these peoples’ lives it is a realty serious offense. I also recognize that this is a medical condition, but even more importantly the sheriff went about this the wrong way if the sheriff wanted to change things he should have simply went to the judge. The judge would have considered it he wants to do the right thing. But then instead the sheriff wanted to act like judge like god and make the decision on his own. The judge I actually feel bad for he said he had gotten a call on Wednesday saying that something would be filed some medical papers to him so he could make a decision and instead he was essentially blown off by the sheriff’s department made its own decision.

Now the judge is also annoyed that Paris Hilton didn’t show up on time this morning. He was critical of the fact that apparently was reporting that Paris could be by phone. But let me set the record straight: The reason why everyone thought that it was going to be a phone conference and she wouldn’t be there is because at 7:10 in the morning we were standing there and the sheriff’s department us that Paris would not be there, but that it would be by phone. So it wasn’t the media going crazy. We got this information directly from the deputy — I was a half-a-foot from him when he told us that.

So the whole situation obviously needs to get sorted out. She needs to get a good medical diagnosis. There’s something… she shakes, she twitches, she quivers. There’s something wrong with her.

SMITH: Think she was on something?

VAN SUSTEREN: Yeah, and I’ve got all sorts of speculation, but everyone knows I’ve got a law degree, I don’t have a medical degree.

SMITH: Speculate. Come on!

VAN SUSTEREN: No, no. There’s something… look, I’ll do like a lay person. A lay person in court can say someone was drunk and you can talk about your observations. She wasn’t drunk. But I can make an observation that this woman… there’s something… she’s sick. There’s something wrong with her. I don’t know what it is and I’m certainly not equipped to make that determination. But I feel that I can make the determination that this is… this is a woman who needs some medical attention.

And Shep, as an aside, if she showed up on my doorstep, the first thing I’d do is take her to a doctor.

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Posted: June 8th, 2007
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From: miss stake
Time: June 9, 2007, 1:28 am

uh….shakes and ticks? almost everyone i know that was awaiting a sentencing decision in court has experienced shakes and ticks during the hearing. that’s what happens when you get anxious, nervous, and are scared of being locked up. and wasn’t paris crying the whole time? well…people shake when they cry. it’s perfectly normal. i wouldn’t call that a serious medical problem. the real question to determine whether or not she has a real medical condition is…does she have shakes and ticks when she’s not crying at a sentencing hearing? you show me an example of her shaking and ticking in a fun social situation, and that will prove that she really has a medical problem.