Doug Reinhardt helps My BFF production!

Unfortunately, Paris Hilton is too busy filming My BFF 2 and there’s nothing worthy to report, so here it comes:

According to Paris Hilton, her new boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt, helped the production team of My BFF 2: “It’s good having my boyfriend on set and watching. He comes up with funny ideas and production loves him.”

She also told the media that she wants him to be her husband: “He’s going to be my husband. We’re best friends. It’s not like we just met. We’ve known each other over the past year. I was in a relationship before and we reconnected. I’m really in love and really happy.”

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Posted: April 6th, 2009
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From: Robbiieee
Time: April 6, 2009, 9:18 pm

do you know if paris will be in florida during april 7th-11th?

From: admin
Time: April 6, 2009, 9:25 pm

I haven’t heard anything about that. Why?

From: scot
Time: April 6, 2009, 10:34 pm

He’ll be more then happy to add that to his resume. Paris better have a bloody good prenup if she marries that douche.

From: scot
Time: April 6, 2009, 11:40 pm

I’m really sick of hearing about Paris ‘copying’ Lady GaGa’s look for a recent photoshoot. I look at it and think ‘Amber Sweet’ rather then Lady GaGa.

From: Anonymous
Time: April 7, 2009, 12:06 am

Doug isn’t broke- some pics of his family’s G5 appeared recently. They do look good together and as long as he makes her happy I wish them the best!

From: Django
Time: April 7, 2009, 1:05 am

I saw a version of that on Yahoo News or something and the husband bit was where Paris was denying the engagement rumours and she was described as giggling when she said it, so I wouldn’t take it too seriously just yet.

From: Django
Time: April 7, 2009, 1:10 am

Here’s the other version:

From: cc17
Time: April 7, 2009, 1:16 am

Paris said the same thing about benji, I still think doug is using Paris because this is the last season of the hills and he wants to be an actor. So he hooks up with Paris, get his name and face in the magazine , gets on her bff show. I don’t think they will get married even her mom said last week they were not planing it, so I think she is saying it for attention.

From: juju
Time: April 7, 2009, 2:29 am

i think (hope) paris was teasing. but yeah, take out doug’s name and insert benji’s in that sentence and you’ll find she said the EXACT same things last year when she was with benji-boy.

but still, it does come across as silly and juvenile and i think it works against her, i still don’t see why she just doesn’t get that, but…well, for not much longer i hope, i guess that’s just paris being paris.

From: juju
Time: April 7, 2009, 2:32 am

side note, i still think stavros was a good guy for her, except that he’s a few years younger than her, and when they were together, he was still petty immature and had a bad case of shiny ball syndrome.

maybe after he matures a bit, there could still be something positive for them

From: David
Time: April 7, 2009, 12:35 pm

What great news! I think they will be happy! They were friends and know each other well.

From: Dawn
Time: April 7, 2009, 7:12 pm

Doug appears to be a good guy and he is from a well to do family. I don’t see him as a douche, he seems to try to do right by Paris.
And he is certainly good looking. This may be a go, who knows.

Stavros might have been a good choice but weren’t there constant rumors of him cheating? If a guy does that before marriage,it does not bode well for afterward.

The one I liked best was Paris Latsis. But the problem with Greek boys is that they are hornswaggled by their mothers and sisters, and pushed by their fathers.
They also seem to have weird financial setups.
There are tremendous cultural differences and it would take a very strong personality in a young man to kick against the pricks. PH proably saw this fairly quickly.

Of course, I also loved Benji Madden.
But there is no totall perfect man and it’s Paris’s decision who she settles down with eventually.
When the time comes I guess she’ll let us know.

From: hiram
Time: April 7, 2009, 8:19 pm

Its so dumb like, she took Benji to the first season for the show, now her new one its sooo, ridiculous. That’s not a good image for Paris since people will think she is a bitch. She should have waited to hook up with the new one. Lately, she wants to marry everyone. She’s almost 30, she must grow up and well act like her age. She is not 16 to be wasting time with guys…

From: anonymous
Time: April 7, 2009, 9:41 pm

I don’t agree with Paris on that.

From: anonymous
Time: April 7, 2009, 9:42 pm

I meant I think production listens to him cause he’s her boyfriend.

From: Charlie N
Time: April 7, 2009, 11:39 pm

I definitely want Paris to be happy, but sometimes she can’t see what she has right under her nose. That is not just true of her, but for so many people.

I said it first, back when it became “public”, that this relationship will not last. It will end with a public “amicable ending”, and Paris will tell media how they are just so different, and he has this going on and I have that going on, and it took us in different directions…. and her career is first, not something she is going to allow to take a back seat to anything or anyone.

I see mixed messages with Paris. I understand her want or need to settle and have a family some day, and at age 28 is when women experience their first decline in fertility levels, so she is aware of the “tick-tock” of her biological clock. That added pressure can also infringe on the good judgment used in selecting a potential hubby to settle down with.

It is Paris’s personality type that will prohibit her from settling down, yet she also has this internal tug-o-war because of the desire for a hubby and family. That tug-o-war is due to her personality type.

I believe I know who the best candidate as a boyfriend or even husband for Paris is, and it is definitely NOT either of those Greeks, it isn’t Doug, Benji, etc….. The thing is, Paris’s personality type is working against her for that goal, and unless she comes to understand the dynamics of her personality type, she will not be able to plan a strategy to overcome.

Contradictions keep people in the spotlight and people notice inconsistencies, so it makes them talk about that inconsistent person. I think her people know that. I think that there is a ring of truth to what was said about Production listening to Doug because he is her BF. If Joe Blow, George Foreman, or Johnny Cat was her boyfriend, Production would listen to them, too. Production people suck up, kiss ass, I have seen it countless times in the entertainment industry.

From: juju
Time: April 8, 2009, 2:53 am

nothing wrong with having relationships. every person you’re with doesn’t have to be a marriage candidate. and no rush on that either. when it happens, it happens, ususally when you’re not looking for it.

paris doesn’t have to apologize to anyone for having a boy friend, or ten for that matter.

my only point is that she prattles a bit too much like a school girl about whoever she’s with at the time. that makes her look silly. better to say nothing if you can’t say something that comes across as more age-appropriate or intelligent, which we know paris is. she has the business savy to construct the bff show, but it’s in her personal life that she still feels the need to change her tabloid image by saying things, rather than just by doing things. sometimes, the less said, the better. and she’s never going to talk away that ric salomon tape, like she tried to do with samuel. in fact, by bringing it up, she just calls attention to it again. i say, best to let that sleeping dog lie.

yeah, and there were always rumors about stavors, like i said shiny ball syndorme…”ooh, there’s a pretty on over there, no over ther, over there, etc” always chasing after what you think is better than what you’ve got, that’s shiny ball syndrome.

but he’s like what 3 years younger than her, so it may take him awhile before he’s ready to settle down. but when he was with her, he was always good to her and stuck by her when she was in jail…the only guy to visit, plus he hosted her at his home on maui when she got out. and we neve saw any hint of him controling heror trying to change her like benji. anyway, just a thought.

From: Jen
Time: April 8, 2009, 3:20 pm

I just want Paris to be happy.

It’s a given that no man is 100% perfect but I hope that she finds a good man so she can create the happy marriage she sees her parents have.

Whether it’s Doug or someone else, I just hope it all works out for her happiness.

From: robbbieee
Time: April 8, 2009, 4:10 pm

i just wanted to know cuz i was gonna b down here and u know shes always hear so i was going to try to see her.