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The World According to Paris

A new episode airs on Oxygen TV every Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET.
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Paris moves to her sister's house after a man breaks into her house; text messages from her ex may threaten her relationship with Cy.

The World According to Paris – Episode 1 [XviD format, 357 MB]

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Posted: June 2nd, 2011
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From: Shosanna Dreyfus
Time: June 3, 2011, 1:17 am

Merci for making the episode available, admin 🙂

From: Shosanna Dreyfus
Time: June 3, 2011, 4:51 am

My friends and I have watched the episode now. There were some things I liked about it. I loved Paris and her mom having the little argument about Paris leaving a mess in the kitchen. That was cute and funny in that natural way that I loved about The Simple Life. Some other bits were funny too. But I was not so keen on other parts. A girl writing porn scripts (seemingly without the porn – which sounds like it gets added later) is not “a pervert”. I understand this being sensitive for Paris, but as others have said, she goes to the Playboy Mansion and is friends with Jenna Jameson. She’s not that judgmental with everyone and calling someone “a pervert” over that is unfair of her. Also, Brooke’s friend at least made an effort to clear the air with Paris. For Paris to be nice to her face, while secretly still feeling the same way and making nasty remarks about it in the narration, just makes Paris seem unreasonable and two faced. Maybe Paris will be right about her, but she doesn’t know for sure. Doesn’t the fact that Brooke has been friends with her for ten years count for anything? Not taking sh*t from others is fine, but being the one giving it out is to be part of the problem rather than the solution. I also think Cy is an ass for checking someone else’s phone. Maybe Paris shouldn’t have texted this guy back so many times but if that’s what gets Cy so heated, how will he deal with the real stresses that come from dating a celebrity that a lot of other people would like to be with?

Mixed feelings overall. I still like some things about the show and Paris’ personality, but in other ways I think she can come off as a bit judgmental and not always easy to be around.

From: retrograde
Time: June 3, 2011, 6:22 am

I don’t think that Paris knew Lexie didn’t write the sex scenes until later on, so obviously when she comes out and says “I write porn!” Paris is going to assume that she writes everything. Calling her a perv is just a joke, it’s really not that serious. Although I do agree that it really shouldn’t have been that big of a deal, but I guess I can understand why Paris would be uncomfortable. There’s a difference between going to the Playboy Mansion and having someone involved in porn working for her at her house. And I don’t think Paris came off as bitchy or two-faced in her commentary/interactions with Kristin. We know that she’s not confrontational so of course she’s not going to tell her to her face that she doesn’t like her. The point of the show/commentary is to give us Paris’s perspective on things, which she did. She feels that Kristin is a fake and a user, which I totally felt as well.

From: T.K.
Time: June 3, 2011, 6:30 am

I was disappointed with her personality, she just seems childish.
She is in her mother’s house and she just makes a mess in there and ignores her mother?
Then she goes to her sister’s house and takes a bunch of pictures of herself?
She is friends with Hugh Hefner and a bunch of playmates and she can’t have an assistant that writes porn?
And talking like a baby isin’t really a way to sort things out with your boyfriend.

From: Becky
Time: June 3, 2011, 6:38 am

I thought the episode AND Paris was great! Paris has a right to not want a porn writer working for her. Partying with someone for a day that lives that lifestyle, but practically living with someone everyday is totally different. Maybe Paris was a little harsh on Kristen, but the way she just invited herself to go shopping with them and the way that she posed for the cameras like she was famous, was also rude. Cy probably did overreact, however, we don’t know what the messages said, so we can’t judge him to harshly. I think everyone should just watch the rest of the show and see how everything plays out!

From: Dawn
Time: June 3, 2011, 12:29 pm

Paris has the right to be herself. No one is ever totally grown up LOL or totally sane.

People who find her “childish” and continually render harsh judgements on everything she does are too nitpicky and perhaps too old to be following Paris.

Paris does have a quick wit and I liked the first episode, we simply have to give the show little time to develop.

Showing Paris only at a desk in an office, making decisions, would be boring.

Paris clearly has enough business acumen to understand that a show needs to be entertaining.

Her whole life is quite interesting entertaining, and we will have to keep tuning in to see more of it.

From: retrograde
Time: June 3, 2011, 2:44 pm

It just bothers me how harshly people are judging the show JUST because it’s Paris and they hate her. People keep saying she was mean to make fun of her assistant, but she wasn’t. Don’t act like if you found out your friend/assistant wrote porn on the side that you wouldn’t tease them and jokingly call them a pervert. But if Paris does it she must be serious and oh my god what a b*tch? Give me a break! Haters are going to hate because they’re sad and pathetic. Sucks to be them. Paris however is hilarious, sweet, real, and filthy stinking rich so in the end she has the last laugh.

From: Jen
Time: June 3, 2011, 3:47 pm

Yes, its weird the way people downplay the crazy and criminal things some celebrities do.

But with Paris, they are always ready to make mountains out of the slightest molehill.

The World According to Paris is entertaining and fun.

Hopefully more viewers will remember to tune in on Wednesday nights, even though it’s during the week and on a school night.

From: Kassidy Morrow
Time: June 4, 2011, 9:44 am

Guys, Paris is anything but unreasonable, childish or uncomfortable to be around. She’s one of the sweetest women I know. Sure she’s doing voice overs that may come off as a bit harsh, but it’s for the humor of the show. She’s not a mean person. People need to stop judging her just because she is who they think she is. But do you know who she really is? A kind, sweet, drop-dead-gorgeous, very trusting human being with tons of love to give.

From: Ana
Time: June 8, 2011, 7:44 am

Thank you for posting this! I was really looking forward to this show, and this is the only way for me to be able to watch it! 🙂