E! Online Attacks Paris Hilton

I’m not sure who wrote the hateful article, possibly Tod Casablanca, but it’s on Eonline.com. It is a typical type of hateful articles that always tends to show up everytime Paris releases a major project.

Since this is hater from Eonline, let’s have a look at his article.

Casablanca is shocked to have learned that threaters will play a movie that casts Paris Hilton in leading role. He thinks it’s ridiculous to cast Paris Hilton in a movie (regardless if she’s a good actress or not, of course) and expect to make money.

Then, he talks about Paris’ previous movies. He takes the example of House of Wax, which he obviously thinks it was a flop. Was it really a flop? Read on… He mentions the fact that it cost $30 million to produce it, but it earned $32 million on box office.

So was it really a failure that “drew to get at least a few people in the seats, most who applauded when she died?” What Casablanca doesn’t mention is that worldwide, the movie made $38 000 000, and this is without counting the DVD sales. Surely, it still was a profitable movie for Warner Bros, no?

Later, he says “then there’s her straight-to-DVDisasters Bottom’s Up and Pledge This!” But Casablanca wonders why any studio would hire “actors and singers—and those who pretend to be both—keep getting cast in lead roles or release studio albums when their past efforts are giant failed flops.” But already, we know and recognize that those movies were never meant to be taken seriously, and they weren’t serious works. We also understand that Paris Hilton is a very hated celebrity who is treated unfairly.

And that there are ignorant people like Casablanca don’t judge the acting or the songs, but rather (falsely) the person who plays the roles or sing the songs.

Like I said before, I strongly believe, and you might think it’s just an opinion, that the semi-failure of Paris’ debut album was not the result of bad music. It failed because people didn’t want to accept Paris or praise her since she is very hated. For what? Being rich and pretty. Or thinking that she’s still spoiled, the bad image that has formed in the public’s mind as a result of the airing of the popular fake reality TV show Simple Life and other reasons.

Finally, Casablanca gives Paris one big important advice: “she should stick to the merchandising and the porn (is there a difference, really?).” Then, he adds: “That’s where all the real money is, not like she needs any more of it.” Aside the trash talk, he says Paris doesn’t need more money. I don’t hear anyone complaining about Bill Gates not needing his billions or anyone super-rich.

Anyway, I think any normal person can understand that those quotes are made-up in a simple-minded way, even though there is some truth to them to some extent, because for example, it wouldn’t be right to say that House of Wax was a huge success.

Posted: January 30th, 2008
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From: Dawn
Time: January 31, 2008, 10:44 am

The DVD wasn’t failure or semi failure – not with 800,000 copies sold by the end of 2007.
Paris items simply market differently, steadily around the globe.

House of Wax was actully a good movie but you have to understand that there is a limited audience for the horror genre.

Also, the film had an R rating. When we went to see it, there were tons of underage kids who wanted t see it but were turned away.
Some of them asked us pretend we were relatives,which of course we could not do.

Hottie will do well in the long run, just like the Paris album, because Paris has world wide appeal.
And the nice thing is that Paris can produce movie after movie because she is not a pennyless, struggling actress.

From: david
Time: January 31, 2008, 12:04 pm

I guess E Online is a hater group. This guy has some barely(???) blind item allegations that seem to refer to Paris as a Slurpa Pop-off. (Someone posted the link to his column here and Slurpa is essentially, and allegedly, a bisexual, dog killer. I think that’s one reason why more than a few interviewers have lately asked where Tinkerbell is. Paris says Tinkerbell is fine and with her Mom. ) That’s some pretty big hate.

It doesn’t really matter how many units are sold as long as the project is budgeted appropriately. Her album was probably overbudgeted, but that’s a learning experience for the next time. However, I believe that Hottie was only budgeted around 8-9 million, meaning that it should be successful through dvd sales alone. It could also make that back through theaters, leaving dvd sales as almost pure profit.

Hollywood isn’t exactly known for its business acumen. They’ve fought just about every profit engine that’s ever come along for them, from television, to videotapes, to mp3 players, but some people obviously know what they’re doing.

p.s. Transformers sold almost 14 million units in the USA alone in 3 months. 800k worldwide over the course of 14-15 months seems light. Did you mean the cd instead of the dvd? While still somewhat light, 800k would be a much stronger number for a debut cd/album. Although, from what I’ve read the number is much closer to 600-640k, which is still decent. (It’s more than Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s last albums combined, or awfully close)

List of top selling dvd’s in 2007

1. Transformers (Paramount/DreamWorks): 13.74 million units
2. Happy Feet (Warner): 13.48
3. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (Disney): 13.20
4. 300 (Warner): 12.91
5. Ratatouille (Disney): 12.06
6. Shrek the Third (Paramount/DreamWorks): 11.84
7. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Warner): 10.14
8. The Departed (Warner): 8.94
9. Night at the Museum (Fox): 8.66
10. The Bourne Ultimatum (Universal): 7.36

From: david
Time: January 31, 2008, 12:07 pm

Just to be clear, I wouldn’t put any stock in blind items. It just seems that those are extremely rough allegations, even if they are blind items (aka, almost a license to lie legally) I just think it’s a possible demonstration of the level of haterism in some people.

From: juju
Time: January 31, 2008, 1:42 pm

good post david. i agree. from a business persepctive, as long as the movie is profitable and builds to fuurre success, then it’s a win.

also ted casablanca is an avowed hilton-hater. he always bashes her no matter what the project or issue. that type of vindictiveness is, i think, alomst a bit psycho. he hasn’t even seen the movie yet. maybe she frustrates his inner-diva, who knows, and more to the point, who cares.

like i said before, haters hate because that is their nature, so they’ll never change. it also means he’s not objecttive so i don’t put much stock in his opinions or columns.

From: Dawn
Time: January 31, 2008, 2:07 pm

Oh sorry. I meant her CD.
The figure of 800,000 copies sold as of 1 Dec 2007 came from Wikkipedia.

Paris seems to hav pretty good business advisors around her, now that she takes it all a bit more seriously.So I think she’ll do well.

She certainly won’t go away, LOL, if that’s what the haters are hoping. Ain’t gonna happen.

From: JOEY
Time: January 31, 2008, 3:41 pm