Eonline.com’s Jefferson Reid Quotes From Hate Site DListed.com

In a shocking twist, someone at Eonline.com quoted Hate site DListed.com about the recent banning of Paris Hilton to Oktoberfest. You’d never expect a decent and reliable website like Eonline.com to quote a Hate site like DListed.com. DListed.com posts nothing but hateful articles about Paris Hilton.

Possibly and judging from the article, Jefferson Reid might be a hater. He reported all the fake lies which were invented by The Sun UK in the first place, not by DListed.com. Jefferson didn’t bother to check the sources or research about it.

Under Jefferson’s article, there’s this idiotic comment written by a jealous hater: I wish Hollywood would be this wise and ban Paris too.”

This is DListed.com’s hateful comments about the “ban”: “Go Germany! Now if other countries including the U.S. would follow. Canned wine! Don’t laugh! That’s like high-class shit to some people. You know Britney thinks she’s a fine, elegant lady when she drinks canned wine.”

ParisHiltonSite.net says nothing happened against Paris in Germany. Paris has a strong fan base there and she is always welcomed.

This is my second post about this stupid article which caused quite a buzz on the internet.

Posted: September 22nd, 2007
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From: Jen
Time: September 23, 2007, 8:12 pm

They are revealing their ignorance,as usual.

Europeans have been cultivating wine since the time of the Romans, and they know what they like. If they buy Prosecco, you can be sure it’s good stuff.
Personally, I like it.