Exclusive Video: Paris Hilton’s Lawyer, Richard Hutton, And Undersheriff, Larry Waldie, Interviewed


After 23 days, Paris Hilton is set to sail free from jail. What was it like for her? She vows to use her celebrity for good — will her life be different? Watch the exclusive Larry King Live video, which was aired last night, from ParisHiltonSite.net.

Among invited guests are Paris Hilton’s lawyer, Richard Hutton and Undersheriff Larry Waldie answering all of your important questions and giving you details you’ve never heard before.

Check out the interview which was conducted by TMZ’s Harvey Levine while we wait for Paris Hilton’s release, and remember to watch the exclusive Paris Hilton interview on CNN’s Larry King Live tomorrow at 9pm!

The audio/video associated with this article is unavailable.

Posted: June 25th, 2007
Comments: 9


From: Trevor
Time: June 25, 2007, 9:22 pm

Can’t wait for it! =D

From: Jordy
Time: June 26, 2007, 1:12 am

Paris is a free woman!!!

From: Django
Time: June 26, 2007, 1:27 am

Great interview and it’s refreshing to see people being so supportive and sympathetic for a change. Of course, as usual, the haters will automatically ignore anything sympathetic or complimentary about Paris, but I hope this will help sway some of the people on the fence about the situation.

From: Tom Fox
Time: June 26, 2007, 1:50 am

Paris is out of jail now!
It was on GMTV 🙂

From: Mike V.
Time: June 26, 2007, 3:42 am

Rejoice, Paris is free!


Mike V.

From: andrejfromlatvia
Time: June 26, 2007, 3:52 am

Love Her !!! After Jail she is looks much better …Love You Paris , without makeup you are much beauty and sweetie…Remeber your are beutiful from nature….100 kisses to you… Be Happy Princess…..

From: Alex
Time: June 26, 2007, 6:11 am

Wow shes out! When she went in untill now i was stressed about this NOW IM NOT I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING PARIS~!@#$%^&*

From: Kelly
Time: June 26, 2007, 6:54 am

Loved the post on what she should do after her release and added my own suggestion on my blog, The Candy Pitch (www.thecandypitch.com).

From: Olya
Time: June 26, 2007, 7:34 am

Though I from Moscow, I looked for Paris too. I congratulate her! Term was small, but I hope, it has understood all, and will not sit any more in prison.