Fake Article About A New Paris Hilton TV Show Spreads Like Fire

History repeats itself! Well today, that article about a new Paris Hilton TV show was spreading like fire. The fake article had reported that Paris is planning to film a TV show about pet grooming, and it’ss supposed to air exclusively in the UK.

Many celebrity news sites reported this article, but none of them checked the source! The fake report was fabricated by the same people who always spread lies about Paris: Daily Star UK.

Eonline noticed the mass publication and decided to contact a British TV station. A spokeswoman for the Living TV network wrote to Eonline: “This one’s not us, I’m afraid. It was misreported in yesterday’s Daily Star Sunday that it was, and I’m afraid I’m not sure what channel it is.”

That’s because the staff at Daily Star falsely reported that the show is going to air on their network! And I highly doubt it was misreported! But now, Eonline is waiting for a phone call from one of Paris’ reps…

Who would trust Daily Star, anyway, after all the lies!

In other news, the Montreal Canadians won their first series against Boston Bruins (0-5) in NHL playoffs! Yey for Montreal! As soon as the game was done, Montrealers started celebrating their first victory like crazy! Check out a few short clips I recorded a few hours ago, if you care! This was filmed in Laval, just outside of Montreal. This video has nothing to do with Paris Hilton!

I’m just kidding! thewaymouth knows the truth! They were cheering for Paris, like the Albanians did a few months ago. 😉

The audio/video associated with this article is unavailable.

Sorry about the lose, thewaymouth, in case you were following the game!

Posted: April 21st, 2008
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From: scot
Time: April 21, 2008, 8:59 pm

the repo! site just got a huge update,
the music section has been added.
theres lots of information but still no music
and the only thing about Paris is saying that her debut album charted at #6
but yeh, just thought id let you know.

From: admin
Time: April 21, 2008, 9:03 pm

Thanks scot,

I’ll check out everything tomorrow and make a post.

From: thewaymouth
Time: April 22, 2008, 7:23 pm

Oh, that is too funny.

You remembered about the Albanians cheering for Paris last year. What a memory! (Yeah, I had even told that story to all my friends.)

I was watching the game on TV. The Bruins gave it a good go in the series, did much better than expected, but just couldn’t get anywhere last night. I was bummed, but there’s still the Celtics & Red Sox & Patriots (now if you want to talk about being a sorry customer, when the Patriots lost the Super Bowl in February, that was a depressing blow.)

Congrats Enkil, to you, & les Habs. & Go Paris!

From: thewaymouth
Time: April 22, 2008, 7:28 pm

PS It’s funny how you mixed in the fake story about the Paris TV show w/the fake celebration of Paris on the streets of Montreal. Clever.

Getting to that story – pet grooming – yeah, I can see Paris checking for fleas & telling the folks at home how to rid their pests of pests. Actually, I’m sure she’d be good at it, and it would be funny, but I would rather see her spend her time on another show. Like Best Friend Forever… Oh please. She already did that – The Simple Life.

Just do a show about her own life, as it is. Better yet, how about a musical variety show.

From: Hugo
Time: April 23, 2008, 6:16 pm

Haha! Nice Video!! :p! I was so happy too but not that much!!! It’s me or there’s just fake articles about Paris recently? kinda boring and frustrating